Display the Latest Legal Management Features!


If you would like to display links to the latest Legal Management magazine articles on your chapter website, simply copy the script found below.

Here is an example of how the content will display:

Latest Feature Articles from Legal Management Magazine

(Please click at the top and drag your mouse down to select the entire block — some of the code to the right does not display.)

    const url =
    fetch(url).then(response => response.json()).then(function (data) {
        let unsorted_data = data.value;
        let data_sorted = unsorted_data.sort(function (a, b) {
            if (a.Title < b.Title) {return -1;}
            if (a.Title > b.Title) {return 1;}
            return 0;
        const div = document.getElementById('lm-list');
        for (var i = 0; i < data_sorted.length; i++) {
            div.innerHTML = div.innerHTML + "<p id=" + i + "><a href='" + data_sorted[i]
                .LMfeatureArticleAbsolutePathToArticle + "' target='_blank'/>" + data_sorted[i].Title +
                "</a>" + "<br>" + data_sorted[i].LMfeatureArticleSlug + "</p>";
    }).catch(function (err) {});
<h1>Latest Feature Articles from <em>Legal Management</em> Magazine</h1>
<div id="lm-list"></div>