Chapter Leader Educational Series

The Chapter Resource Team hosts a free Chapter Leader Educational Series. These sessions are open to all current or prospective chapter leaders and will be recorded for future reference. Please send any questions or future topic suggestions to [email protected].

2024 Education Series

April 17, 2024:  Starting the Year Off Right/Just the Facts Resources - Please register here.

May 15, 2024:  Annual Conference Preview - Please register here.

June, 20, 2024:  Media Training 101: Level Up Your PR Game - Please register here.

July 10, 2024:  CLI Preview - Please register here.

August 21, 2024:  Save the Date! - Please register here.

*All sessions will begin at noon Central unless otherwise noted.

Session Slide Decks and Recordings

March 20, 2024: Essentials of Chapter Leadership -  Recording here.

February 2024: Succession Planning + Officer Transitions Recording

January 2024:  Chapter Awards Recording and Slide Deck: Awards Program

December 2023: CLM Approved Provider Program — Recording; Slide Deck

November 2023: Business Partner Relations — Session Canceled

October 2023: Presidents' Award of Excellence Recording

September 2023: Activating Volunteers Recording

February 2023: Cross-Chapter Collaboration Recording

January 2023: Business Partner Relations Recording

December 2022: Website Succession Planning/Launch Recording

October 2022: Presidents' Award of Excellence Hot Topics Discussion Recording

September 2022: Member Engagement and Recruitment Recording

August 2022: DEIA Discussion Recording

June 2022: How to Engage with the CRT Recording

April 2022: Energize Your Chapter Recording

February 2022: Incoming Board Topics Recording

January 2022: Energizing Your Board and Year Recording and Talking Points

December 2021: Business Partner Program Recording

November 2021: Chapter Managers Recording

October 2021: Recruiting, Retaining and Energizing Volunteers Recording and Slide Presentation

September 2021: Presidents' Award of Excellence Recording 

August 2021: Organizational Pricing at the Chapter Level Recording  

July 2021: CLI Key Takeaways Recording 

June 2021: Product and Service Review Committee Presentation Recording and Slide Presentation

May 2021: Social Media Recording

April 2021: Leadership Resources Recording

March 2021: Using the Leadership Playbook Template Recording

February 2021: Enhancing Your Presentation Skills Recording

November 2020: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Roundtable Recording

September 2020: Organizational Pricing at the Chapter Level Roundtable Recording

June 2020: Bringing Zoom to Life Recording and Slide Presentation

May 2020: COVID-19 Recording

April 2020: COVID-19 Recording and chat

March 2020: Impact of COVID-19 Recording

March 2020: Diversity & Inclusion Webcast Recording

February 2020: Chapter Educational Topics Webcast and Roundtable Recording and Slide Presentation

January 2020: Chapter Finances Roundtable Recording

January 2020: Chapter Finances Webcast Recording and Slide Presentation

December 2019: Volunteer / Chapter Leadership Roundtable Recording

December 2019: Volunteer / Chapter Leadership Webcast Recording and Slide Presentation

November 2019: Chapter Membership: From Recruiting to Engagement Roundtable Recording

November 2019: Chapter Membership: From Recruiting to Engagement Webcast Recording and Slide Presentation

November 2019: Business Partner Program Roundtable Recording

October 2019: Chapter Bylaws Recording

October 2019: Social Media Roundtable Recording

September 2019: Social Media Tune-Up Webinar Recording and Slide Presentation

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