The Importance of Business Partner Relations


Creating Positive Professional Connections

Positive business partner relationships are vital to developing careers in legal management, to our employers and to the Association of Legal Administrators. Selecting the right products and services is an essential element of legal management. Business partner relationships are important connections and resources as we conduct our jobs, plan for the future, and build our knowledge about products, changes and trends. Building future business partner relationships can help us when a product or service changes or when an additional product or service is needed. Positive relationships with business partners also provide a way to enhance our profession within our communities.


Building the Relationship

Chapter activities that include business partners can enhance the process of building relationships while supporting both our professional and chapter goals. These activities provide the forum to be in touch with a number of business partners in addition to those we deal with on a firm basis. Business partners are important to our continuing education because they provide us with current product and service information, trend information and funding for chapter educational activities.