November 29, 2012

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Member focus

Congratulations New CLMs!
The results are in from October's Certified Legal Manager (CLM)SM exam, and ALA is proud to announce 13 new CLMs. Becoming a CLM is not easy, and is a testament to the hard work and dedication of those who have earned their certification. Please take a moment to review the list of new CLMs, and congratulate them on their success.

Welcome New Members
The Association of Legal Administrators is proud to welcome 129 new members who joined last month. Click through to view a roster of members who joined in October and be sure to greet them at your next chapter meeting.

iPad Winners Announced
Many thanks to those who participated in the recent member needs survey. Your feedback helps shape the future of ALA, and as a way of saying thanks, two members were randomly selected to win iPads. Congratulations to Terri Spitzig and Elizabeth Locke on winning!




Association news

Renew Your 2013 Membership Today
Later today you will be receiving your membership renewal notice via email. However there's no need to wait, you can renew right now. Use the link below to access the eco-friendly, time-saving 2013 online dues renewal. Don't let your benefits lapse!


Meet your 2013-14 Leaders
The Association Nominating Committee met recently to select the 2013-14 President-Elect, Directors to fill the upcoming vacancies in Regions 2 and 6, and one At-Large seat. They are:

Paula Barnes — Nashville, Tennessee

Region 2 Director
Gary Swisher, CLM — Tampa, Florida

Region 6 Director
Linda Quindt, CLM — San Diego, California

At-Large Director
Laura Broomell, CLM — Minneapolis, Minnesota

On a parallel path, Regional Officer appointments were ratified by the Board of Directors, and the following individuals were selected for a two-year Regional Officer term officially beginning in April 2013:

Region 1: Barbara Fisher — Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Continuing officers: Gail Faherty, CLM and Joann Winterle

Region 2: Lisa Dasher, CLM — Coral Gables, Florida; and Michael Keatts — Richmond, Virginia
Continuing officer: Eric Hightower, CLM

Region 3: Andrea Myers, CLM — Grand Rapids, Michigan
Continuing officers: Debbie Elsbury, CLM and Carol McCallum, CLM

Region 4: Grover Brittain — Denver, Colorado; and Tracy Spore, CLM — Dallas, Texas
Continuing officer: Brenda Homan

Region 5: Doug Swayne — Portland, Oregon
Continuing officers: April Campbell and Lorene Cowburn

Region 6: Katie Bryant, CLM — Mesa, Arizona; and Lisa Neitzel, CLM — San Diego, California
Continuing officer: Stacy Morrison, CLM


ALA's Transition to Digital — A Message from the Executive Director
The printing press, invented in the 15th century, transformed communication, providing wider access to news, books and knowledge. Today's digital technology is again revolutionizing the way people communicate and learn. Moving away from our dependence on print to increased use of multimedia or digital content offers numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, timeliness, improved accessibility and cost savings.

In a recent member needs survey, we learned that the vast majority of our members receive information about ALA via digital communications and few notice mailed print promotions. Next year, as the print media world continues to evolve to a digital world, ALA will start a transition to predominantly digital communications. Starting with our 2013 Annual Conference Brochure, we're delivering promotional content digitally rather than continuing the process of printing and mailing. And at our 2013 Annual Conference & Exposition, all onsite information will be delivered to attendees and exhibitors digitally, so you can access the info you need right on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Keep an eye on that inbox so you don't miss out on important information from ALA!

Oliver Yandle
Executive Director


Office Max


Foundation focus

Consider the Foundation

The Foundation of ALA is the charitable, educational and research affiliate of the Association of Legal Administrators. Since its inception in 1981, the goal of the Foundation has been to improve the legal management profession through the development of educational programs, publications and support of ALA chapters with the Chapter Challenge Grant Program.

Over its 31-year history, the Foundation has invested more than a quarter million dollars in grants, programs and sponsorships aligned with its mission and goals.

A current Chapter Challenge Grant project that the Foundation has funded is the San Diego Chapter's Project LEAP. Project LEAP (the Legal Employment Awareness Program) is a three-part project working with students interested in the legal profession. It is designed to educate, entice, entertain and enlighten high school, vocational school and community college students to the interesting, challenging and lucrative careers in the legal profession. The grant is currently in its third phase, which covers the visibility of legal careers, a template for other chapter internships, and a website with resources where other ALA chapters can direct students. When completed, this product will be available for other chapters to use at junior and senior high school presentations and career fairs.

The mission of the Foundation of ALA is funded by personal, chapter and corporate donations. As you complete your dues renewal for 2013, there will be an opportunity to donate. Please keep the Foundation in mind. Thank you.


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