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Thursday, June 4, 2015
2:00 pm Central

Aligning Our Stars: Succession Planning for the Administrative Team
Do you have a plan in place to replace your soon-to-retire collection specialist who knows everything about your client database? How about the senior billing manager who handles conflict checks and invoicing? Current demographics in most law firms, regardless of size, now make succession planning a critical issue. You need specific strategies to transfer critical operational knowledge of day-to-day responsibilities. Help your firm respond effectively and create a competitive advantage for the future.

  • Discuss current best practices among law firms of various sizes
  • Identify demographic and economic trends that require succession planning
  • Determine critical steps for effective succession planning
  • Develop training programs to cross train and develop individuals to succeed others

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
2:00 pm Central

The Paperless Office – You Can Do It!
Every law firm wants to be more efficient and save money with each new initiative. Going paperless sounds great, but how do we get there successfully? This webinar will outline the process from concept to implementation, from creating a strategic plan to gaining acceptance of the plan that will prepare you to take the next steps.

  • Examine the implementation process (timeframes, scanning, document-naming and storing, and backup)
  • Create a checklist for readiness
  • Discuss the ethical issues involved in digital documentation
  • Compile the steps for working out firm-specific procedural issues

Thursday, July 2, 2015
2:00 pm Central

Secrets to Reducing Law Firm Stress
Looking to relieve firm-wide stress levels? Drained from the high-pace and pressure? Worried about the effects of stress on your body and health? Join this webinar to infuse relaxation into your firm through secrets from nature and wellness-based research. Many of these researched-based strategies can impact your team without their active participation. You will also learn simple and fast stress reducing exercises drawn from the practices of meditation, massage and yoga that can be done right at your desk.

  • Use short stress-busting exercises
  • Identify stress reducing research from the field of biophilia
  • Explain the science and strategies to your firm

Wednesday, July 15, 2015
2:00 pm Central

Creating Proactive Leadership
Law firm leadership requires many different skills, and most importantly, continual growth. Join this webinar to discuss the contrast in proactive and reactive leadership, the places where each belong, and how to develop your own proactive leadership style.

  • Determine the contrast of proactive and reactive leadership
  • Evaluate your current mindset
  • Examine alternative styles in your leadership challenges

Thursday, August 6, 2015
2:00 pm Central

Keys to Interpreting Benchmarking information to Drive Performance Improvement
Learn how to best utilize benchmarking information to drive results within your firm. Hear how the demographics or experience levels of the firm’s partners can lead to common misinterpretations of survey data. You’ll also hear best practices on how to get buy-in from firm leadership to drive change and improve financial performance in your firm.

  • Determine how the firm's geographic and practice group footprint can overstate, or understate the firm's performance
  • Identify best practices on how to get the buy-in from firm leadership  
  • Examine the most common misinterpretation pitfalls when reviewing survey results

Wednesday, August 19, 2015
2:00 pm Central

De-Mystifying Data Breaches and Information Security Compliance
Stolen confidential and personal information is the new currency of the global criminal underground. The sensitive information handled by attorneys makes every law firm an ideal target for data thieves and cyber-criminals. Join this webinar to get the important information on how data breaches happen, learn the top 10 best practices your firm should follow to prevent a breach, and find out what you as an administrator can do to help your firm get and stay compliant with federal and state data privacy laws.

  • Discuss how data breaches happen and how to protect yourself and your firm
  • Identify federal and state privacy laws and how to stay compliant
  • Determine strategies to mitigate risk with digital activity

Thursday, September 3, 2015
2:00 pm Central

The Right Person for the Right Job: Fresh Assessment Tools
Join this webinar to discuss a unique assessment-driven benchmarking process in selecting the most appropriate talent for your organization. As decision makers in the hiring process, gain a deeper understanding of how important it is to select the right person for the right position, and how do just that, even prior to starting your job search. You will also discuss various tools and techniques in developing a hiring process that is as objective and effective as possible in maintaining the health of your organization.

  • Identify the importance of job matching to success
  • Determine how to identify who the right person is prior to starting a job search
  • Develop a hiring process that selects the right people to do the right thing in the most objective process possible
  • Create an assessment-based hiring process

Tuesday, September 15, 2015
2:00 pm Central

Balancing Risks & Benefits: A Fresh New Approach to IP Outsourcing
IP professionals, there’s good news about outsourcing! Legal process outsourcing and business process outsourcing are playing an increasing role in the efficiency and profitability of IP practices in law firms and corporate legal departments. The rapid growth of multijurisdictional practice, globalization, technological advancements and recent changes to ethics rules warrant a fresh approach to achieving the greatest “net benefit” from outsourcing for your organization. Join us for this webinar that will assist you in evaluating, implementing and monitoring outsourcing initiatives to maximize your organization’s net benefits.

  • Identify outsourcing related risk to the firms: human assets, physical assets, financial assets, net income and intangible assets
  • Discuss terms and conditions in outsourcing contracts specific to IP practice that require “unique” consideration in negotiations.
  • Review strategies, policies and procedures to maximize “net benefits” of outsourcing

Wednesday, September 16, 2015
2:00 pm Central

Attracting & Retaining Top Talent: Flexible Work Arrangement Options
Your strategy to match business needs with schedules to get the job done effectively is critical.
Join this discussion to determine whether a flexible work arrangement would be a key solution for retaining and attracting top talent in your organization. Consider all the factors involved to align this practice with your business needs for a successful outcome for your organization and its employees.

  • Review options for flexible work schedules, including job sharing and a compressed work week
  • Determine which positions can support these options/practice

Tuesday, September 22, 2015
2:00 pm Central

Going Beyond the 401(k): Smarter Strategies for Law Firm Retirement Plans
From the Pension Protection Act of 2006 to the IRS regulations issued in 2010, many exciting new options have opened up for qualified plan sponsors, going far beyond the traditional 401(k) plan. Using a wide range of real law firm case studies, you will hear how to use creative retirement plan designs to attract and retain top talent, meet the financial goals of the firm's partners, and effectively manage tax liabilities. Discover how your firm could benefit from innovative hybrid and cross-tested plans, smarter plan design and new ways to manage risk.

  • Evaluate the success of your firm's current retirement plan’s goals, objectives and measurements
  • Determine how to avoid the 5 biggest retirement planning mistakes
  • Examine age-weighted contribution limits and the impact on firms with a wide range of partner ages
  • Implement best practices and processes for adding and administering an effective IRS-compliant qualified retirement plan

Thursday, October 1, 2015
2:00 pm Central

Tax Reform Act of 2014: What’s The Buzz?
What is all the talk about the Tax Reform Act of 2014?  What is the big deal regarding conversion from cash accounting to accrual accounting?  How do you answer your managing partner when he asks you how this conversion impacts your firm? Join this webinar to get help understanding the Tax Reform Act of 2014’s proposed mandatory requirement to use the accrual method of accounting for law firm accounting.

  • Discuss the proposed legislation and its current status
  • Identify the financial burdens and hardships the requirement might create for law firms
  • Determine the practical steps to make a conversion from cash basis to accrual basis accounting

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
2:00 pm Central

How to Develop an Effective Mentoring Program
Mentoring is both an art and a science. But most mentoring programs fail because we expect "professional" people to know how to mentor. Mentors must be trained, understand what their role is, what their goals are and how to measure their success. Join this webinar to learn the keys to a successful mentoring program and jump-start your mentoring program on the path to success.

  • Identify how to choose and train the right mentors
  • Determine who are the right mentees
  • Match the mentor and the mentee for your greatest success
  • Evaluate and measure the success of your mentoring program

Wednesday, October 21, 2015
2:00 pm Central

Presentation Skills: Talking Out Loud
Every speech is a performance, whether in an auditorium, a staff meeting, or a partners’ meeting. But a speech is more than the words you say; you need to look and feel comfortable, confident and competent. Join this webinar to find out how to add energy and emotion to your presentations that will connect with your audience, whether the audience is in a meeting room, just across a desk, or on the other side of a videoconference.

  • Describe techniques to feel comfortable, confident and competent as a speaker
  • Identify ways to convey energy to an audience and increase contact with them
  • Develop successful individual speaking styles

Thursday, November 5, 2015
2:00 pm Central

Professional Liability Insurance: Get the Right Fit for Your Firm
Why does buying malpractice insurance always seem to be a last minute scrambling and frustrating experience? The policies always get more expensive and yet there is no comfort for your partners in the process of how the underwriters calculate the annual premiums. Join this webinar to learn practical strategies and procedures to take control of your professional liability insurance program. We will cover best practices to manage the entire purchasing process so that you and your partners will have confidence that the insurance is being optimally purchased and that the coverage is in place in your time of need.

  • Evaluate insurance brokers and insurance companies to find the right fit for your firm
  • Determine how to manage the application process to maximize results
  • Identify the key components of evaluating quotes for your policies
  • Define reporting requirements for complaints, potential claims, claims and policy term responsibilities to avoid coverage disputes

Wednesday, November 18, 2015
2:00 pm Central

Conflict: Initiating Difficult Conversations
If you dread confrontation, chances are it’s at the expense of your career and personal success. Learn how to disarm disagreeable people, how to defuse tense situations and how to handle anger. Get practical information on how to communicate more assertively when faced with conflict, particularly how to engage in constructive confrontation, so you will never be at a loss for the right words again.

  • Explain four types of conflict goals
  • Define assertiveness, and explain its role in the confrontation process
  • List six steps in constructive confrontation
  • Discuss and learn how to create a four-part I-statement

Thursday, December 3, 2015
2:00 pm Central

Creating an LGBTQ-Friendly Law Firm Environment
The times are not just changing, they are changing fast. Rarely does a month go by when laws regarding sexual orientation or gender identity are not being created or changed. Along with this legal landscape, and the rise in awareness regarding sexual orientation and gender identity, has come an attendant increase in legal issues presented in the workplace. Join this webinar to learn the basic legal issues that confront decision makers, partners and managers. Explore practical approaches and suggestions to create an environment in your firm designed to reduce discrimination claims based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

  • Analyze how to avoid discrimination claims based on sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Determine your firm’s obligations under FMLA
  • Examine how to create a LGBTQ welcoming environment

Wednesday, December 16, 2015
2:00 pm Central

Competitive Advantage: Effective Pricing Strategies
One of the most powerful strategies available to any law firm is pricing. With more firms facing continued pressure from clients to develop pricing models that provide predictability and value, without changing the overall level of service provided, how can your firm gain competitive advantage? Join this webinar to take a look at various pricing strategies. Examine how to build a winning pricing strategy and create competitive advantage for your organization.

  • Discuss clients and price sensitivity
  • Examine various pricing strategies
  • Determine how to create a pricing strategy for your firm


OneNote and SharePoint: Collaborative Note-taking Made Easy
Production date: 05/07/15
Take a tour of OneNote and SharePoint 2010 and learn what you can do when you put them together. While SharePoint is a collaboration platform that allows groups of people to share documents, lists, contacts and more, OneNote is Microsoft’s digital notebook that can make keeping track of all the info a simple thing to do. Learn how to put them together to get a system that allows for easy, seamless collaboration and simultaneous editing that’s easy to manage.

  • Determine how to create a OneNote notebook
  • Identify how to upload a OneNote notebook to SharePoint
  • Discuss managing permissions, making edits, integrating with Outlook, and more

Succession Planning: Is Your Firm Financially Prepared?
Production date: 04/15/15
Every firm is unique, but many share a common concern—how to deal with the aging demographic of its owners and the resulting financial implications. As a best practice, your law firm needs to be proactive about the planning for the monetary implications in the retirement process, so that when the right time comes, partners can retire and clients will stay. Join this webinar and receive the important steps of an effective long-term succession plan. 

  • Review the financial elements essential to a successful transition
  • Determine what results to measure to guide the firm in its planning and what financial incentives can be instrumental to a successful plan
  • Discuss ways to integrate younger attorneys into the financial management activities of your firm
  • Identify financial obstacles that can hinder the effective transition of clients
  • Discuss impact to firm of payment obligations to departing partners
  • Examine effective compensation plans that can help firms accomplish their strategic goals and meet their succession-planning objectives

What the Future of the Legal Profession (Really) Holds
Production date: 04/02/15
There is no shortage of speculation about the future of the legal profession. Some may be correct and important. Much is likely false. The legal profession has undergone radical transformation before. In the 1990s, the internet drove transition to PCs and practice management systems and everything else digitally-driven. The incumbent law firms did not collapse - they adapted and thrived. Today's challenges are different but a similar outcome is likely. Join this session to critically evaluate the future practice and business of law. 

  • Evaluate forecasts about the future of the practice and the business of law
  • Determine what other law firms are doing in response to these challenges and emulate as appropriate
  • Analyze how emerging technology is likely to transform the practice of attorneys  

Building Engagement & Motivation in Your Team
Production date: 03/18/15
How do you motive, engage and encourage mutual accountability in others? Join this webinar where you will learn exceptional team leadership tools that will help you engage your staff and yourself. Explore self-awareness, emotional management and new approaches to motivation, and see how they can help you engage your staff through collaboration and communication.

  • Define three distinct approaches to motivation
  • Identify factors that contribute to engagement
  • Use exceptional team communication tools
  • Examine how self-awareness and social awareness contribute to motivation

Power Editing and Inside Grammar: Enhancing Your Credibility with Colleagues
Production date: 03/05/15
Writing well is part of leading well. Through writing one educates, motivate and inspires. Join this webinar to learn a simple editing system to ensure your letters, reports, and emails are clear, concise and lively. Then hear the latest on the one dozen word pairs legal professionals most often confuse. Streamline your communications so your vision for your firm, and your instructions to staff, get the notice they deserve.

  • Communicate clearly with fewer words
  • Enliven sentences with verbs and the active voice
  • Identify the difference between “lay” and “lie” and eleven other often-confused word pairs

Partner Compensation: Developing Effective Compensation Plans
Production date: 02/18/15
Is your firm’s existing methods of partner compensation holding your firm back from realizing its potential? To achieve success, law firms must think strategically and provide incentives that support their goals. And in an increasingly competitive industry, law firms must structure partner compensation systems to not only reward top performers but one that also supports the implementation of the firm’s strategy. Join this webinar to explore the elements of a successful partner compensation system that aligns with your firm's strategy.  

  • Identify current best practices in structuring compensation systems
  • Analyze partner performance in the context of partner compensation structures
  • Align compensation with the strategic goals for the firm
  • Describe how to ensure the effective application of bonuses

Leadership Styles (Clarified!)
Production date: 02/05/15
As a legal administrator holding a senior position in your firm, you’re likely an accomplished manager. Charged with the unenviable task of ensuring effective and efficient operations, you’re typically stuck between balancing the conflicting expectations of the lawyers and those of the front-line staff. No easy task. But this is the task of a leader more than a manager. In this one-hour webinar, author and educator, Cy Charney, will help to bring clarity and sanity to the challenges of managing from the middle. He’ll offer a variety of strategies that you can use when challenged to influence events and people in your organization.

  • Determine the differences between leaders and managers
  • Identify why leadership is a key to personal and professional success
  • Review the best theories on the attributes of great leaders
  • Develop a workable model of leadership

PHR SPHR GPHR ApprovedHRCI Credits: 1 hour HR (General)

This program has been approved for 1 (HR (General)) recertification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute (HRCI).

How to request an HRCI certificate:

  1. If viewing webinar with your own personal subscription, please send a copy of the certificate of attendance from WestLegalEd to and the program ID certificate will be emailed to you.
  2. If viewing webinar as part of a group, please request credit in writing and have group leader email a copy attendance sign in/out sheet to and the program ID certificate will be emailed to each individual in the group who requests it.

CLMSM Credits: (Note that only the CLM credit available for this webinar is stated below. If a credit is not stated, it is not available for this program.)

CLMSM Application Credit: Organizational Development  
CLMSM Recertification Credit: 1 hour in the subject area of Communications & Organizational Management (CM)
CLMSM App Credit for Functional Specialists: 1 hour in the subject area of Communications & Organizational Management (CM) towards the additional hours required of some Functional Specialists to fulfill the CLM application.

Send: Effective E-Mail Messaging
Production date: 01/21/15
E-mail is the boon of the modern world and the bane for most of us working in it. It’s a great means of communication, but are we getting our message across? Join this webinar to learn how to enhance your e-mail writing communications. Learn how to write a meaningful subject line, how to focus your message, proofread it, and a host of other etiquette e-mail tips that will allow you to make better use of this amazing tool.

  • Identify how to write e-mail messages more effectively and productively
  • Discuss how integrating this communication tool with others produces a better result for everyone

It’s 2015: What’s New In Managing & Providing Access to Email and Other Electronic Records in the Public Sector?
Production date: 01/13/15
Attempting to manage e-mail under federal and state records laws have been vexing administrators for the last two decades.  However, a recent Managing Government Records mandate from the U.S. Archivist requiring federal agencies to manage e-mail in electronic form by the end of calendar year 2016, and requiring the transfer of all permanently valuable electronic records to the National Archives in digital form by 2019, represent important policy initiatives that both federal and state administrators in the public sector should know about.   Additionally, the new “Capstone” policy for e-mail being implemented by federal agencies represents an important policy development with implications both for records management as well as responding to Freedom of Information and Right to Information requests.

  • Understand the U.S. Archivist’s Managing Government Records Directive’s requirements for e-mail and other electronic records
  • Inform how the new Capstone policy for e-mail holds the potential to help solve records management issues for e-mail while improving the ability of agencies to provide access to public records in electronic form.
  • Determine best practices for electronic records management under the Directive and related policies.

Jump-Starting Your Team for the New Year
Production date: 01/08/15
In a world where everything happens NOW, today’s leaders must be on top of their game, and “psychologically hardy” as both supportive and motivational models for others. Join this high energy, thought-provoking webinar with the Stress Doc to learn the three keys to interactive, inspirational leadership and team resilience. Discover the Doc’s compelling and motivating model: “The Four ‘P’s of Passion Power.” Learn to inspire and literally “breathe life" into your troops, defuse burnout, and disarm a critical aggressor while affirming integrity and building trust.

  • Examine the research-based “Four ‘C’s of Psychological Hardiness”
  • Determine the “Four ‘R’s of PRO Relating”  
  • Identify the model of “Passion Power” – being Purposeful-Provocative-Passionate-Playful
  • Describe tips and techniques for team resilience & responsiveness


Problem Solving: Tips and Techniques
Production date: 12/17/14
Most of us have faced obstacles to achieving our goals. How we deal with these is the key. This webinar will provide practical tips for identifying and triaging problems, implementing solutions and successfully communicating these solutions to co-workers, colleagues and clients. Learn techniques for identifying and prioritizing problems in the work place, and how to best communicate them.

Electronic Billing & Matter Management: They Were Always Meant
For Each Other

Production date: 12/09/14
In the beginning, there was a lots and lots of paper – inches-thick of law firm bills. Today, most legal organizations use electronic billing systems that incorporate matter management, allowing for easier budgeting, bill review and data gathering. Join this webinar to find out how to use matter management information to more effectively reap the benefits of your electronic billing system to tighten budgeting and forecasting, and ensure you legal organization’s long-term prosperity.

The Workplace Law Landscape: Trends and Challenges
Production date: 12/04/14
Get ready for a lively recap of the most significant employment law developments over the past year and an insightful analysis of what lies ahead! Find out the practical implications of these developments and emerging trends for your law firm or legal department. You’ll also hear what is new regarding fair employment, disability management or health care developments. Stay one step ahead of the ever-changing employment law landscape.

Microsoft OneNote, The Everything Bucket You've Been Looking For
Production date: 11/19/14
In the age of all things digital, there is now OneNote: Microsoft’s digital notebook solution that can make keeping track of “all the info you need” a simple thing to do. This recent addition to Microsoft Office may already be installed on your computer. Learn how to tap into it, take and share notes, and simply get more done.

Risk Management Considerations in IP Practice
Production date: 11/11/14
What if there was a way for IP-related malpractice claims to cost less money, time, emotion and reputation? Join this webinar to discover how. You’ll look at several IP specific risk management considerations, such as: how to better formalize the relationship with foreign associates; how to manage the risks associated with IP attorneys working remotely; how to balance the risk/reward of maintenance fees and annuities. Help your IP practice thrive by reducing the severity and frequency of its claims.

Financial Management — It's More Than Just Billing and Collection
Production date: 11/06/14
No one would argue cash is king in the business of law. Managers and owners of the law firm need to implement best practices in financial reporting, monitoring and benchmarking their performance to ensure financial success. But there is no “one-size fits all.” Join this webinar to discover the keys to identify your firm’s specific needs and how to manage these for long-term profitability for your firm.

Change Management
Production date: 10/15/14
Change is a constant, and if you can understand and manage it well, you can handle the   challenges in your firm. But strategies for managing change depend on one’s role and level of seniority in a firm. Join this webinar to look at managing change from multiple perspectives. We will look at change theory, change psychology and practical aspects of managing change. Leave armed with new confidence in how you manage the challenges of change in your firm and in your life.

Leading the Way Strategically
Production date: 10/02/14
“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there,” said Lewis Caroll.
The varied interests of partnerships can make the development of a singular vision and achievable goals a challenge. Yet through leadership, a systematic planning process, and accountability, it can be accomplished, and implemented. How does firm leadership make this happen and succeed? This webinar will walk you through the role and the approaches a successful leader can use to develop a plan. You will also get the steps that can be incorporated as you work through the process and end with a focused, executable plan.

Webinar PowerPoint PDF

Billing and Collections: No One Told Me I Would Have to Do This!
Production date: 09/17/14
Are you ready to learn how to get firm management and partners to see that running a law firm is a business? Learn how to overcome the political and cultural hurdles associated with the introduction of timekeeping best practices. You will hear how to develop approaches that make time entry an easy, daily function and still be seen as providing assistance without overstepping your bounds.

Writing for Legal Administrators
Production date: 09/09/14
Learn how to write and be heard! Join this webinar to explore how a few key writing tips can improve your message and enhance your writing experience. Whether you are writing a detailed analytical memo, an important e-mail message, a request for proposal, or any of the myriad types of administrative writing, you will learn how to break through writer’s block, write with confidence, and maintain professional credibility through clear, active and persuasive writing.

Having Fun with the Hungry, Hungry HIPAA Hurdles: An Update on HIPAA Compliance
Production date: 09/04/14
Do you have the full scoop on the new Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations? Do you understand what business or client records are considered protected health information (PHI)? Do you know what new standards must be met for your firm or legal department to be compliant? Join this Webinar to figure it all out!

The Mystery Revealed: Completing Professional Liability Contracts
Production date: 08/20/14
What really happens to your firm’s liability insurance application once it leaves your desk? Completing applications, obtaining bids, and selecting the professional liability coverage that’s right for your firm can be arduous and risky. Join this webinar to gain insight into the professional liability insurance industry and the underwriting process. Learn how your answers can work for (or against) you!

Legal Secretaries: The Future of Law Firm Staffing
Production date: 08/07/14
The future of the legal secretary is in flux: there are fewer today, and their role is changing. What skills and abilities are required for the next generation of legal secretaries? What should they be doing? How do you create a culture that encourages your staff and attorneys to develop the legal secretary’s strengths? Join this webinar to learn the answer to these questions — and more — about the evolving legal workplace.*

*Please note that, due to the proprietary nature of this week’s webinar content, PowerPoint slides will not be available for download.

Financial Tips for Contingent Fee Practices: How Do You Manage?
Production date: 07/22/14
How well do you manage the contingent fees for your firm? You invest a significant amount of your expertise, time and the firm’s limited financial resources in each case, weighing the odds of getting a reasonable return on the investment. Join this webinar to gain financial tips, tools and practical advice that will help you to mitigate the financial risk found in contingent fee cases.

Cyber/Privacy Insurance: What's the Deal?
Production date: 07/16/14
So what is the deal? The news media has covered data breaches causing the public (and you) to be concerned about your own personally identifiable information… but what about the implications for your law firm? Today’s administrator is inundated with insurance products, webinars and social media scares. Join this webinar to learn what cyber/privacy exposure to consider before you “bet the firm” on your decisions in this area.

Listening Pays: Be a Better Legal Administrator through the Power of Listening
Production date: 07/02/14
Everything rises and falls with listening. Yet it’s estimated that the average person ignores, forgets or misunderstands at least 75% of what they hear. Join this interactive webinar, and leave challenged to develop a listening leadership focus in your professional and personal life. Learn how the value of listening is fundamental to effective leadership and team success, paving a direct pathway for you to solve conflicts, increase results, foster respect, build teamwork and strengthen credibility.

The Paradox of Profits & Using Metrics that Matter - Pete Peterson
Production date: 06/18/14

Is the law firm across the street (where a partner's spouse works) more profitable than yours? What is an acceptable profit margin and how does leverage impact profit margins? Some law firms struggle with identifying what to measure, and how metrics and analytics can support business strategies. Be sure to join this webinar that will assist you in knowing how to identify metrics that provide insight on how your firm is performing.

ACA Compliance in 2014: Mundane or Time Consuming and Problematic?
Production date: 06/05/14
You've heard about ACA compliance, but have you actively engaged your broker and employees in the implementation details? 2014 is the year! And while the employer mandate was delayed until 2015, in most cases, you must be prepared to comply on January 1, 2015. 2014 requires compliance with the en force 90 day waiting period restriction for all plans. 2014 requires you to be preparing your look back period to determine whether you're an Applicable Large Employer or not. Finally, 2014 requires you to be measuring all employees hours to determine who will be considered full time and eligible for benefits in 2015 and who won't.

Medicare: The Ins & Outs
Production date: 05/21/14
Whether you are an HR professional, someone about to go onto Medicare or someone currently on Medicare, you need to better understand the essentials of Medicare, the important dates to file, where to find information, and what options are available in today’s ever-changing marketplace. You will discover how Medicare may coordinate with other coverage and how to make decisions about coverage offered by your firm. Gain a more thorough understanding of Medicare with the instructor’s real world scenarios to help you apply the information shared.

Not recorded, no audio was available
The Basics of Understanding and Working with Government Contracts
Flying at a high level, this presentation will provide a context for recognizing and working with common types of government contracts. Government agencies accomplish many of their responsibilities through a variety of contracting mechanisms. You will learn about legal and policy requirements that present unique challenges in government contracting and some best practices for handling contract documents and monitoring contract performance.

Leading with Integrity
Production date: 05/01/14
With just the right touch of humor, Jeff Lanza, retired FBI Special Agent, will help you to develop, inspire and maintain a culture of integrity. Chronicling real FBI cases that show the root causes of unethical behavior, he will provide a positive framework for creating an environment that will help ensure your employees maintain their moral compass. Join this engaging presentation to take back a renewed sense of accountability, truthfulness, commitment to priorities and a well-defined mission to your firm.

Working with Excel PivotTables – Part 2
Production date: 04/16/2014
If you are already using basic PivotTables, you do not want to miss this chance to turbocharge the power of Excel’s most powerful function. Learn how to extend the functionality of your PivotTables by adding calculations inside your PivotTables, apply advanced filtering techniques, and build PivotCharts to communicate the real meaning behind the numbers in your PivotTables graphically.

24/7: Surviving or Thriving?
Production date: 04/03/2014
The pressure to be available and on call during every waking moment of the day - and the sleeping ones too - is on! Let’s look at what it takes to set boundaries that are healthy for you and your firm. Explore the conversation that creates parameters for work and play, take a look at how you play a role in the development of expectations, and what it takes for you to change that internal messaging. Along the way you will receive some specific tools for relieving stress, being mindful and present to your life - at both work and home.

Persuasive Writing Skills
Production date: 03/19/2014
You need to write a persuasive memo to stakeholders, clients or staff. How well are you prepared? While all writing skills are significant in the legal environment, the ability to write persuasively requires a specific form of writing that demands attention to form, analysis of the intended audiences’ motivations, and the use of valid reasoning and supporting documentation. During this webinar, participants will not only examine the key elements of persuasive writing, but will work on developing and enhancing superior writing skills.

Document and Matter Management: Getting the Best of Both Worlds
Production date: 03/11/2014
Explore the unique value of document management and matter management systems to your corporate law department. Learn how to effectively integrate the two systems, define expectations for use and enable users to quickly access the information they need.

Working with Excel PivotTables – Part I
Production date: 03/06/2014
PivotTables are the most powerful feature of Excel, yet few professionals use them in their day-to-day activities. For some, PivotTables are too intimidating; for others, PivotTables are a foreign concept. With a little information, guidance, and demonstration from your instructor, you will be ready to begin using PivotTables to accomplish routine analysis and reporting.

Personal Injury / Plaintiff: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Legal Marketing
Production date: 02/25/2014
Today’s administrator is bombarded with marketing requests and solicitations to help enhance their firm’s profile, boost their rank on Google or buy into a media campaign. Where should you spend the firm’s money, and what will drive the most revenue? Join this webinar to gain a better understanding of search engine optimization (SEO). Learn three tips to give your website more meat and get a better sense of how people are hiring lawyers.

RFP Drafting for Legal Industry Professionals
Production date: 02/19/2014
RFPs are a critical tool in getting what you need for the price you want. Join this webinar to see how to get the biggest bang for your buck and get up-to-date best practices in RFP creation and legal industry vendor sourcing. Hear tips on avoiding common mistakes and oversights that could expose your organization to unnecessary risk. Learn how to clearly state requirements, gather ownership support, and assess and mitigate risk. Legal Industry Operations and Administrative Professionals at any level will benefit from this session.

Conducting Effective Performance Reviews
Production date: 02/06/2014
To get things done in today's law firms, today’s managers have to enable others to act. Effective managers foster collaboration and trust. They make it possible for others to do great work. Hear how to build confidence and competence to leverage your employees' every day performance by conducting a constructive performance review. Learn how to eliminate the stress and uncertainty of the performance review process, and how to conduct an engaging performance review that instills confidence, commitment, motivation and productivity in your employees.

Project Management: People + Process = Success
Production date: 01/02/2014
Today's administrator has quietly slipped into the role of the unofficial project manager. But project management isn't just about managing logistics and hoping the project team is ready to play to win. The skills of "informal authority" are more important than ever before, so team members are inspired to contribute to the project's success! In this webinar, you will hear how to implement a disciplined process to execute projects, master informal authority and in the process, save time and money for your firm.

IP Webinar
Production date: 01/14/2014
In December 2013, the US Patent & Trademark Office officially implemented two international intellectual property treaties -- The Geneva Act of 1999 and The Patent Law Treaty of 2000. This webinar will answer questions patent administrators need to know about the new Patent Office rules relating to these treaties.

Safeguarding Assets and Related Internal Controls
Production date: 01/15/2014
How secure are your firm's assets? Today’s businesses must implement controls beyond traditional physical safeguarding. Examine the evolving landscape related to the proper and necessary protocols to identify, preserve and protect your firm. Learn how to identify and address opportunities to improve controls for both tangible assets and the intellectual property of the firm.


MS® Office Tips & Tricks for Law Firms (OM)
Production date: 01/16/2013
Take the Microsoft Office Suite to the next level of productivity! Learn advanced tips and tricks for Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, including how to share, edit and simultaneously review files with others across geographies and times zones. Get an overview of what law firms are using Access for and applications for OneNote and the entire Office suite.

Document, Document, Document!
Production date: 02/06/2013
We’ve said it to our attorneys and managers too many times to count: “Have you documented it?” Far too often, the answer is “no.” As we know, proper documentation is crucial for a myriad of employee relations issues. But the key is not only what is written, but also how and when it is delivered.

Profitable Law Firms - There's no APP for That
Production date: 02/20/2013
There is no "silver bullet APP" to make our firms profitable, but there are many principles and ideas that we can embrace for our firms to become stronger and more viable. Join this session to identify applications and opportunities and gain insight on how to implement changes to create a more profitable law firm.

Initiating Alternative Fee Arrangements
Production date: 03/20/2013
Reality: your clients are demanding changes in the way your firm bills for work. And with some clients taking matters into their own hands (refusing to pay for associate or paralegal time; demanding discounts; and more), it may be time to structure alternative fees.

Mentoring: It?s Déjà Vu All Over Again
Production date: 04/17/2013
Mentoring involves more than simply passing on knowledge and information, and has always played a prominent role in the legal profession. Good mentoring passes on the true art and science of the practice of law.

Marketing (Mis)Alignment: Closing the Gap Between Marketing and Law Firm Leadership
Production date: 05/15/2013
Marketing need not be, and should not be, conducted in the dark. You need to better understand how law firm leaders and law firm marketers think. What is the core thinking about marketing and business development? How do law firms quantify marketing success, the return on investment and top-line versus bottom-line results? Join this Webinar to learn the results of a joint research between members of the Association of Legal Administrates and the Legal Marketing Association. Gain fresh perspectives on marketing and business development that will shed new light on how to improve your firm's performance.

Negotiating the Law Firm Lease: Top Strategies and Lease Clauses that will Improve Your Firm?s Bottom Line!
Production date: 07/17/2013
With the market moving quickly, discussions with landlords can sometimes feel as though one is negotiating on shifting sands. Knowing how to properly plan for both the expected and unexpected over the life of the lease can result in substantial savings. Flexibility is key, and this webinar is designed to dive into the ways you can position your firm to address changes and opportunities.

Leveraging Technology for Small Firms
Production date: 07/19/2013
Let’s face it, the array of technology choices is overwhelming; and in a small firm, you cannot afford to make bad tech decisions. Join this session to learn how to optimize your small firm technology and your budget. Hear some strategies on how to get the most out of the technology you currently own, along with how to get the most bang for your buck when buying new technology.

Financial Reporting Methods that Allow Intelligent Business Decisions
Production date: 08/21/2013
Presenting easy to understand and valuable monthly and annual financial information to management is critical to the success of your firm or organization. Join this Webinar to learn how to convert confusing accounting data into a useful format such as what you see on the dashboard of a car bringing a fresh approach to your presentation. The speaker will also provide guidelines on how to determine what information you should present and who should receive it.

Forecasting the Realistic Budget (FM)
Production date: 09/18/2013
Budgeting can be a challenge in good times, let alone when economic times create new obstacles. But imagine how a well thought-out process and a well-constructed budget can help set the tone for a roadmap to the future. Learn methods to achieve a balanced approach to revenue assessment, expense management, cash flow and modeling budget assumptions. An Excel® template will be used to show how modeling different "what if" scenarios can help create a workable and realistic budget.

Saying the Hard Things with Aloha (CM)
Production date: 10/16/2013
Great leaders are great communicators, particularly when things get hard. Whether delivering a poor performance review or downsizing and letting people go, conveying difficult messages is one of the most challenging things a manager does. The word Aloha can mean many things, including compassion, grace and charity. Learn how to communicate with Aloha to say the hard things without detracting from the message.

The Ethics of Email and Social Media
Production date: 11/13/2013
This interactive program uses hypotheticals to explore the unique and quickly evolving issues involving lawyers' use of electronic communications, documents and social media, including: e mail's and social media's effect on the creation and termination of attorney client relationships; communications with adversaries (intentional and unintentional communications, and lawyers' ability to check adversaries' communications for hidden "metadata"); communications with clients (including the importance of confidentiality); the role of electronic communications and social media in discovery; the dangers of juries' and judges' use of new technologies to communicate and conduct independent research; the use of e mail and social media in lawyer marketing (including how the rules vary with the intrusiveness of the marketing).

Affordable Care Act and Your Law Firm
Free Webinar Series

Available On Demand - use promo code: CAREACT2013

PART 1: What You Need to Know Now
How will health care reform impact your law firm and employees? Hear about the financial implications, the choices in health care coverage as we face 2014 and the effects on your workforce. You need to know how to factor these issues into your future health benefit decision-making process, as well as understanding what the health care landscape looks like today.

Part 2: Getting a Jump Start 2014 and 2015
2014 is bringing about a host of complex tracking requirements for employers that they will have to begin reporting on in 2015. Funny thing, the 2015 report will be based upon their 2013 data. Confused? Let's begin with the end in mind.

Part 3: Affordable Care Act and Your Law Firm: The Healthcare Evolution
The final installment of our free webinar series will bring you up to speed on the most recent changes to the Affordable Car Act, after the one-year delay of the Employer Mandate. Understand the revisions and how they will affect you in 2016.

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