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Altman Weil Inc. A 2005 survey of AmLaw 200 law firms conducted by Altman Weil Inc. reports that lateral growth, strategic planning and benchmarking/best practices are the most effective management techniques implemented in major law firms in the last...
The Marcus Letter. Anticipating Future Shock: Changing The Billing Structure And Enhancing Per-Partner Value. At least two steps can be taken now to make firms more competitive, efficient and profitable reintroducing value added billing to ultimately
Brennan, William. Soaring insurance premiums cause law firms to cut back on coverage or into profits -- both choices with potentially adverse impact. This article offers tips that apply to all 3 categories: professional liability,...
Cotterman, James D. To understand a law firm's fiscal afffairs, one need understand some basic concepts -- and manage the numbers for results. Sept 2001
Poll, Ed. A "dashboard" approach to cash flow analysis is the most important management tool at an administrator's disposal for planning future activities and controlling a firm's affairs. If you understand what the banks are looking for when applying for a loan, you will greatly increase your chances of being approved.
Bodine, Larry. In this short article, the author reports on the observations of the characteristics of profitable firms and four key success factors. How to choose between getting a loan or selling part of your business to an equity investor.
Heathfield, Susan M. Suggested actions re recession planning for employees, HR departments and whole companies: company / department responses to potential recession; employee impact of company / department response.
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