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Harrop, Jason. This article discusses how a carefully targeted investment in document automation can yield substantial payoffs in firm performance via increased profits (and profitability as a percentage of revenue), as well as client satisfaction,...
Rubin, Audrey H. The world of alternative fees is evolving daily. Legal administrators can anc should play a pivotal role in making alternative fee arrangements succeed in their organizations.
This article explores the relationship dynamics involved in clients and their lawyers moving toward new methods of pricing legal services. Such arrangements cannot be successful or sustainable unless they are beneficial for both client and firm.
The Marcus Letter. Anticipating Future Shock: Changing The Billing Structure And Enhancing Per-Partner Value. At least two steps can be taken now to make firms more competitive, efficient and profitable – reintroducing value added billing to ultimately
Brereton. Erin. Reducing firm expenses can be crucial to survival - but what stays, and what goes? The most important thing is to look past this year's profit and focus on the long-term institutional needs of the firm.
ILTA. Financial management in law firms is evolving. This white paper suggests ways to improve operational efficiency, minimize risk while reducing costs, and use financial data to exceed expectations.
Krocheski, Jake. Many firms regard managing their receivables as an aspect of financial management, but it is just as much a function of practice management. A/R management requires a very hands-on approach. Here are five ways to keep your receivables fro
Weber, Jill S. Initially conceived as a firm's “top 20 attorney program,” it provides additional business development support to 20 attorneys with the business development skills and potential to generate additional revenue. This article provides an ove
Filip, Christine S. How to raise and maintain fees: Apply economic value analysis
Poll, Ed. Banks and law firm administrators can develop mutually beneficial business relationships if they work at them. Educate your banker on how your business operates to build a trusting relationship that will serve you well.
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