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Disaster Planning & Recovery

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Barron, David L., Victoria M. Phipps and Peter A. Steinmeyer. The authors provide a list of the top 10 issues that are likely to present themselves to employers after large-scale disasters.
CCH. While you can't prevent a natural disaster from occurring, you can help minimize its impact on your business by being prepared if disaster strikes.
CCH. A description of professional malpractice insurance and some general guidelines for its purchase.
CCH. Employers will be held liable for wrongful acts committed by their employees if those acts were committed within the scope of employment.
Poll, Edward. Poll explains that most companies go out of business within five years after experiencing a major disaster. The article highlights ways to prepare for the worst-case scenario.
Heckman Consulting website. Putting together a disaster plan for a small or medium size firm is not that difficult and can save the firm a great deal of money if something does happen that is out of the firmís control.
FEMA. The agency provides useful and current information on disaster recovery.
Campbell, Daniel R. This article provides categories of information to include in a written disaster plan, and response and recovery initiatives.
USPS. The Post Service provides a detailed manual addressing weapons of mass destruction, threats, mail bombs, and employee safety.
Monahan, Peg. The article discusses how to put together a business resumption plan, which can assist you in getting your business back up and running if disaster strikes.
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