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Gonsowski, Dean. Law firms must identify ways to streamline e-discovery being conducted on behalf of clients and to reduce costs for both the firm and clients. In turn, administrators and attorneys must understand what they can expect from the changing e-
Gilheany, Steve. This article discusses the transition of document managers from managing paper documents to managing digital documents.
Cole, Stephen and Kevin Hausmannn. A comprehensive, integrated document and records program promotes legal compliance, lowers liability risk, improves client service and reduces costs.
Gilheany, Steve. The author illustrates the cost of document scanning and storage on CD-ROMs, DVDs, and other devices.
Archive Builders. This article discusses the Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM) and its work in developing and administering programs for becoming a certified records manager.
Document Imaging Solutions Inc. The article explains how a document imaging system can save your firm time and money.
Gilheany, Steve. The author discusses the use of the Internet for disaster planning of public documents.
Gilheany, Steve. This article discusses document management systems that provide a complete search suite.
Gilheany, Steve. This article discusses the advantages of basing electronic public record legislation on ISO 9000.
Archive Builders. This article discusses the security of electronic seals.
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