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Includes definitions of useable space, rentable space and common area factors.
CCH. All things being equal, a business facility that can accommodate potential future growth would be more attractive than one that does not.
CCH. The two main focuses in creating an effective work space are functionality and cost.
CCH. Everything connected with your business should lead clients to believe their service needs will be met to their satisfaction.
CCH. How to set up a comfortable work station in an office where a computer is used frequently.
CCH. How to organize your office equipment so that the layout enables you to get your work done productively.
Bishop, Todd. Bishop describes a Seattle firm's design as "one of the most efficient law firm headquarters in the city.
Hong, Keumpyo (Kim). Spending less money on facilities while creatively designing spaces improves the bottom line by making the most of real estate investments.
A form with two methods of calculating your office space needs. The first is based upon general rules of thumb. The second goes into greater detail and is more accurate.
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