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Levering, Robert. In this book, the author uses interviews and anecdotes from the best employers to (1) show why the most essential ingredient of a great place to work is trust between employees and management; (2) explain why conventional management...
Heathfield, Susan M. Business Ethics Challenges: Consider the potential positive impact on an organization of having a working code of business ethics. As our world becomes more complex, sometimes right answers - those that meet the needs of the most...
Shannon, Marcia Pennington. The author presents 10 specific suggestions for how you, as a leader in your firm, can make a difference in bringing respect back to the legal profession.
Heathfield, Susan M. Workplace value-based actions; identifying and establishing
Heathfield, Susan M. Organizational culture: values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors in a work environment; candidates as potential good fits within
Riskin, Gerry. Almost every firm has experienced it: the powerful partner with the toxic personality whose behavior terrorizes the rest of the firm and damages both morale and productivity. Here is a step-by-step guide for law firm leaders to address th
Seeger, Eric. Do Associates Still Care About Making Partner? Define what partnership means in your firm, what non-equity partnership and other employment categories mean, how to get into and out of each, and the consequences of nonperformance at each le
Downs, Alan. Downsizing / Laying-off is a toxic solution. How people are treated really matters - both those who leave and those who remain. Avoid pitfalls; consider legal concerns in the design; and respect people's dignity and the law.
Heathfield, Susan M. Not all workplaces are candidates for electronic surveillance of employees at work. In fact, depending upon the culture and environment, electronic surveillance of employees would injure trust and relationships, and send powerfully...
Seeger, Eric. The need to deal fairly with people while also dealing with profitability in a businesslike way has motivated many firms to develop core values, or standards, that provide clear expectations regarding individual contributions and mutual acco
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