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Retreats offer law firm partners an opportunity to get to know one another and deal with some of the more complex issues of operating their firm, away from competing practice priorities. This article suggests what makes for a successful retreat and how fi
Continued discussion of partner retreat planning, including thoughts on special issues such as facilitation and speaker selection.
Krufka, Marci M. With the proper planning, design and facilitation, a firm retreat can provide a significant opportunity to improve not only the profitability of a firm, but also the relationships among its members.
Grant, Virginia. A firm-wide retreat is an opportunity to build rapport, establish and improve work and team relationships, and galvanize the firm. It is also an opportunity for the firm to acknowledge that every individual is important in the...
Brereton, Erin. Following through with ideas and implementing plans after the retreat is crucial to ensuring the firm's success. Use the suggestions here to make progress on goals and objectives.
Maddock, Charles A. A firm retreat can be a memorable event. But without planning and by making the wrong assumptions, it can be memorably bad. To assure the success of your next event, follow the steps outlined in this article.
Rose, Joel A. Does your firm need a jump-start to survive during the tough times and thrive in the long term? Staging a retreat can help to unify your internal stakeholders and to tackle a variety of challenges facing the organization.
Olmstead Jr., John W. This article looks at upcoming social, economic, etc. trends and how to construct, facilitate and implement a law firm retreat to facilitate planning for the impact of those trends on the firm.
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