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The Marcus Letter. Book review of FIRST AMONG EQUALS: How To Manage A Group Of Professionals, by Patrick J. McKenna and David H. Maister. Free Press, NY 2002. For firms with more than a few lawyers or professionals, the practice group structure is an e
Book Review: The Integration Imperative. The Marcus Letter: Breaking the Barrier Between Traditional Marketing and Practice Development. Marketing and Practice Development must be integrated to allow each to contribute to successfully advance a firm i
The Marcus Letter. This article discusses many of the issues involved in law firm management.
Wilber, James. Without question, the chief reason for the underutilization of paralegals in most law offices is that there are too many lawyers competing with legal assistants for paralegal-level work. This can be particularly true if there are too...
Rhodunda, Debra L. Marketing a practice groupís expertise is central to differentiating it from others and getting the word out to current and potential clients. The message and medium need to be individually tailored because different types of...
The best way to get autonomous people to collaborate more effectively is through very clear role clarity - with very distinct boundaries of responsibility and accountability. The GRIP model elicits and communicates practical information that is instrumen
McKenna, Patrick J.: Herding Cats into Groups. The Attributes That Distinguish Effective Group Performance.
Bower, Ward. The good news for law firms is that the volume of IP work directed to outside counsel by FORTUNE 1000 corporations is expected to grow by as much as 51%. Despite this encouraging prediction, IP practices are subject to a number of...
Wilber, James. More and more, paralegals are playing a prominent role in the delivery of legal services. As law firms increasingly rely on them, it is more important than ever to understand the drivers of paralegal profitability and whether your paraleg
Clay, Thomas S. It is typical these days, when two law firms are considering a merger, for like practice groups from the different firms to get together for discussions. Too often, however, those discussions are cursory and do not include the depth...
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