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The Marcus Letter. Book Review: Stop The Presses. The authors understand and convey the meaning of risk and how to tame it in sustaining reputation under attack. The underlying message is that the risk of doing nothing in dangerous times is as dangero
Beauchemin, Nancy. As firms are considering challenges with managing ethical conflicts, they should take the opportunity to develop strategies to identify and resolve business conflicts. Law firms must educate their attorneys and staff members about confl
Bertschi, Scott and John Tanner. A firm's legal malpractice policy should be carefully tailored to the specific activities undertaken by the firm and its individual financial situation. Here is a general roadmap to use in negotiating professional liabilit
Berman, Tom. The only way that a firm, once it's experienced a serious claim, can avoid costly mistakes in the future is by analyzing and coming to grips with what has happened in the past. An objective review performed by a third party can be ...
Berman, Tom. Examines risk management as both an insurance issue and as a practice issue, involving specific issues related to risk avoidance.
Quinn, Michael Sean. Choosing the right liability insurance for the firm and its lawyers is one of the most important responsibilities facing the administrator. This article covers several types of liability insurance.
Decision Making in Risk Management: Too often, we simply take risk for granted and go headlong into danger and chaos. It neednít be so. Even in view of the elements of risk over which we have no control, there are still measures of protection that can be
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