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To know where the profession is going and what todayís lawyers must do to be in tune with change, donít look to the profession: Look to the clients. Law is now a client-driven profession - and thatís both the present and future.
Millard, Robert. Just as some continued to use horse drawn carts after automobiles became widely available, so there will be a transition in the way that firms approach the crafting of strategy. In time, approaches that acknowledge and capitalize n the co
Larkan, Sean. This article offers a nine-step process that can get your partners to focus beyond their own world and comfort zone, and contribute to the fundamental, long-term interests of the firm.
Jarrett-Kerr, Nick. Law firms need to work out where they are in their growth cycles and make decisions abou their strategies, governance and processes for the future. Understanding the four phases of law firm development can be the key both to avoiding p
Olson, Alan R. On a firm-wide and practice group basis, charting firm demographics can provide a substantive foundation for conclusions about the current standing of a law firm, and can sometimes provide the genesis for insights about its short-and...
John P. Weil & Co. Factors In Setting Law Firm Goals And Objectives. Certain law firm characteristics can be defined and set out to form a model to which a firm can strive. Model characteristics are size, status, ownership, economic results, types of l
Seeger, Eric. A law firm's strategic plan should give the firm's stakeholders a unifying sense of purpose and direction. This article presents ten practical tips for assembling a strategic planning committee that works.
Free Management Library: Developing Your Strategic Plan. Skills in strategic planning - which determines the overall direction and goals of an organization - are critical to its long-term success.
Free Management Library: Framework for a Basic Strategic Plan Document for a Business. Framework for composing a basic strategic plan document.
Free Management Library: Guidelines and Framework for Designing Basic Logic Model. A logic model is a top-level depiction the flow of materials and processes to produce results desired by an organization. The model can be useful to organize planning and
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