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Spencer, Melissa. One of the challenges that most legal marketers face is gaining recognition in the firm, having others understand what marketing is and how it can impact the firm. Here are 10 Guiding Principles on how to accomplish these goals.
Magsitza, Jeanine. Use these law firm tag lines to help "sell" the idea of a tag line to your firm's partnership.
Kraft, Robert A. A Blueprint for Marketing with Staff. The author routinely reminds employees that they are all in marketing. The firm's in-house marketing efforts focus more on keeping existing clients satisfied and receiving word-of-mouth referrals t
The Marcus Letter. The overwhelming body of knowledge about marketing seems to reside in two areas - the techniques, or tools (articles, press releases, collateral material, etc.), and the study of the markets themselves (such as the demographics,...
The Marcus Letter. A New Era in Competing for Clients: Meeting The Needs Of The New Century. Promotion, in professional firm marketing, is simply a knowledge management tool, used to distinguish one firm from its competitors, to impart the firmís skill
Melton, Rachael Royster. How to use innovative marketing strategies to encourage more creativity in the law firm environment. Tarlton and Beese presented a six-point formula for creativity that could become the basis for encouraging law firms to start...
Meyerowitz, Steven. Domestic and international corporations have long used slogans and tag lines as tools to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Decades of research -- and corporate bottom lines -- support branding as a tool to help sell...
More than four million consumers and small businesses currently search for legal services via the Internet every month, with these numbers expected to rise to over seven million in 2007. Marketing consultant Harlow explains attorney-client matching servi
Green, Melanie. Baker & Danielsí Identity Launch Takes Off with Flight 317. Baker & Daniels' Director of Business Development & Marketing describes her firm's process in achieving and launching a visual identity makeover.
Lizotte, Ken. On a more modest level, it's clear that those who practice "thought leadership" truly stand out from the crowd. Publishing articles or a book, speaking before a professional groups, conducting an original survey on a vexing or ...
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