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Bodine, Larry. The author explains that a business development strategy will generate new clients, increase billings and boost originations. If a firm can write down a business development strategy with specific essential elements, it is ahead of 90%...
Foonberg, Jay G. This list can be used as a menu. There is no order of priority in this list. The priority of what should be done first depends on the types of clients and cases the firm wants. The author permits reprinting the article; however, he...
Bodine, Larry, Esq. The author reports on true stories about 20 things law firms and lawyers do that can alienate clients.
Gibson, Ann Lee, Ph.D. Corporate counsel are holding so-called convergence competitions to reduce the number of professional firms they work with from "many" to "few" (usually by a factor of 10?from 100 firms to 10, or from 10 firms to 1). And, as in...
Kraft, Robert A. A Blueprint for Marketing with Staff. The author routinely reminds employees that they are all in marketing. The firm's in-house marketing efforts focus more on keeping existing clients satisfied and receiving word-of-mouth referrals t
Kalis, Peter. Creating and managing a marketing department in a law firm is arguably a more intense responsibility than in many other industries. Here are some things to look for in a competent CMO.
Ostrow, Ellen. Many lawyers feel stymied in their efforts to market their services successfully. However, most attorneys actually have opportunities to market their services that don't require substantial amounts of additional work. Marketing is so...
Rhodunda, Debra L. Sales and marketing are different -- and not merely in semantics. Sales has a different focus and process. 2003
Ginsberg, Scott. The author discusses the difference between "approacability" and "working a room."
More than four million consumers and small businesses currently search for legal services via the Internet every month, with these numbers expected to rise to over seven million in 2007. Marketing consultant Harlow explains attorney-client matching servi
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