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Sapino Jeffreys, Brenda. When it's crisis time for a Locke Liddell & Sapp client, the firm provides more than legal advice to help the client solve its predicament. A client also can hire Julie Gilbert, the firm's director of strategic communications,...
Kraft, Robert A. A Blueprint for Marketing with Staff. The author routinely reminds employees that they are all in marketing. The firm's in-house marketing efforts focus more on keeping existing clients satisfied and receiving word-of-mouth referrals t
Bodine, Larry. Rules that law firms and marketers should follow when dealing with the media.
The Marcus Letter. What does a professional firm do when it recognizes the need for -- and value in -- good public relations, but has never done it before? To have a sophisticated public relations program requires not a sophisticated practitioner, but...
The Marcus Letter. The press has an inalienable right to pursue. They don't have an inalienable right to catch. There's a difference between being firm and declining and being rude. Rudeness is somebody else's game. Declining firmly and politely may...
Satkunas, Kris. Client attrition is a business reality. Employing analytic tools to understand attrition rates provides firms with the power to act and to change that reality.
Schneider, Barry M. Competitive Intelligence: What Other Firms Are Doing in Marketing/Business Development. Key findings from the 2008 ALM Research Survey Report, Law Firm Business Development Practices Survey.
Coulter, Silvia L. Creating The Law Firm Sales Environment: New Wine In Old Bottles. Law firms have begun to learn how critical sales is to the long-term viability of an organization. The author, Director of Marketing at Hale and Dorr, examines how to
The Marcus Letter. While it's difficult to make hard and fast rules about dealing with the press beyond the normal professional considerations and bounds of confidentiality of client matters, there are a few guidelines you may find helpful in dealing...
The Marcus Letter. Doing Well by Doing Good: Organizing Contributions With A Firm Giving Policy. Suggested guidelines for allocation of firm time and funds for non-practice activities, such as donations and participation in community, charitable, profe
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