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Workforce Management. Discussion forum to exchange ideas about health plans, retirement, work/life benefits, and employee assistance.
Hansen, Fay. Talent retention and development are top priorities for CEOs and workforce management executives. In a world of limited compensation limited compensation resources, making performance programs work is vital.
Powers, Vicki. Green Benefits Prove Helpful in a Down Economy. May 2009. In this down economy, companies are cautious about benefits; however, there are a number of eco-friendly benefits that can contribute to the bottom line. Examples include: buying
Muskovitz, Mel, Attorney. Q & A re holiday pay requirements and more.
Steinhart, Bridget L. A developing body of research suggests that exceptional business performance for ESOP firms is driven by a change from the traditional hierarchal business model. Organizations often realize positive changes in employee morale and
Heathfield, Susan M. Traditional performance appraisals / reviews are fundamentally flawed. Performance management systems are more congruent with values-based, vision-driven, mission-oriented, participative work environments in forward-thinking organiza
Heathfield, Susan M. Profit sharing: Definition, plus strengths and weaknesses of this type of plan.
Resources re salary trends, non-standard benefits, profit sharing, holiday pay and more
Heathfield, Susan M. Severance Pay: Background, reasons, etc.
Siegell, Steven. Some of the most common FLSA mistakes made by employers are easily identified and remedied. Whether you have five or five thousand employees, here are five mistakes to avoid. (9/8/2006)
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