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Cafeteria Plans - Sections 125 & 129
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Ten Keys To Successful 401k Communications. Reprinted with permission of TRI-AD Actuaries, Inc. Suggested techniques with backkground information.
Holtom, Brooks C., Ph.D. The cost of benefits provided by firms varies as greatly as employee and employer perceptions about value delivered. The key for an organization's competitive edge is in determining what benefits can be provided that are most ...
Workforce Management. Discussion forum to exchange ideas about health plans, retirement, work/life benefits, and employee assistance.
DiMase, Robert M. Employers are continually “shifting” costs to employees in the form of higher co-pays, deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. Learn how to participate in a health care Flexible Spending Plan (FSA).
Powers, Vicki. Green Benefits Prove Helpful in a Down Economy. May 2009. In this down economy, companies are cautious about benefits; however, there are a number of eco-friendly benefits that can contribute to the bottom line. Examples include: buying
Muskovitz, Mel, Attorney. Q & A re holiday pay requirements and more.
Domaszewicz, Sander. Recent years witnessed important efforts to provide more and better cost and quality information to health care consumers — but promoting value in health care requires more than just transparency. Consumers need user-friendly access
Resources re salary trends, non-standard benefits, profit sharing, holiday pay and more
Hedger, Adrienne. The rules of retirement are changing -- and so are the benefits that companies offer.
Frauenheim, Ed. Applications that are accessed via the Internet are taking hold in several workforce management areas, including core HRMS, recruitment and performance management. Top-notch customer service can make or break a business or law firm,...
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