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Heathfield, Susan M. Sample Introduction to an Employee Handbook: Sample policy provided for guidance only; though authoritive, the provided information is not guaranteed for accuracy or legality.
Greengard, Samuel. Adolph Coors Co. went beyond mere rules and guidelines by giving employees the tools to recognize ethical issues and deal with them more effectively.
Schneider, Brett J. How Employers Can Keep Themselves From Being YouTubed. Employers need to re-evaluate their employment rules and regulations to ensure that safeguards are in place to prevent PR nightmares. Prevention: Hiring and training processes; Here's how one organization calculates turnover, accounting for training costs and reduced productivity.
Stiegel, Michael A. Restrictive covenants are a necessary part of business today. But they're difficult to craft and hard to enforce. Some language to spell out the all-important message that an employee's job isn't permanent. One company's policy explaining the benefits and costs of job-sharing with a sample job-sharing request form. An example of a nondisclosure agreement that could be used with vendors, contractors, consultants and others.
Kranz, Garry. Companies find that giving workers modified duties beats a long stay on workers' comp, even if it means having them take jobs at local nonprofits.
Crain Communications Inc. Companies are increasingly seeking systems and services to streamline the basics of human resources administration, manage competencies, deal with performance and boost learning. Making them work in concert remains a huge...
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