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If you are a 401k plan sponsor, you can ask 15 questions to see if your employees know about and understand their 401k retirement plans.
Robertson Demby, Elayne. Despite promising economic news, companies that dropped matches haven't brought them back. But they might reappear in 2004.
Simons, Judy. Automatic enrollment is growing rapidly in popularity. Employers adopt it to raise participation levels and improve non-discrimination testing. The law allows different types of automatic enrollments.
Reish Luftman Reicher & Cohen. Sample form re 401(k) plan participant loan program: policies and procedures.
Chart and footnotes re types, descriptions, characteristics, qualifications, etc. The administration of any 401k plan is substantially prescribed by the provisions of law and Federal regulation. Current law requires the development of a plan document as a part of the set-up of the plan as well as the... party
Few 401k plans actually comply with the conditions in the 404(c) regulations. As a result, most plan decision makers, including committee members, may be legally responsible for the prudence of participant investment decisions. Information re rules and regulations related to 401k loans
Hutcheson, Matthew D. This fiduciary advisor advises clients to teach their participants the Retirement ABC’s -- first by using many types of tools, including printed materials, the Internet and retirement planning software. Once this foundation is...
Hutcheson, Matthew D. Those things that legitimately differentiate one provider from another are grossly under communicated to Plan Sponsors. The "sales" techniques have some merit, but miss the mark in substance. In fact, the actual substance of what...
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