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Workforce Management. After hundreds of focus groups and thousands of interviews with employees in a variety of industries, Gallup came up with the Q12, a 12-question survey that identifies strong feelings of employee engagement. Results from the...
Maddock, Charles A. Firms must carefully nurture associates and set realistic marketing expectations to optimize this valuable resource. 2001
Charney, Cy and Kathy Conway. TOOL: Calculate the Cost and Benefits of Training. A useful tool in determining costs and savings is to compare costs per participant versus savings per participant. A four-step process for measuring the savings that trai HR. Bad / Ineffective managers exist in every organization. They distrust, disrespect and intimidate employees. Learn how to understand and deal with bad managers and bosses.
sses.htm HR. Learn how to deal with difficult people; difficult people can be managed: Options, developing effective work relationships, conflict and more.
Kranz, Garry. Gathering comprehensive data on competencies and skills gaps, the company will use that data to design training that lifts employee performance. Training resources will connect the dots between learning, career growth and financial results.
Heathfield, Susan M. Work organizations have the responsibility to create work environments that foster employees' ability and desire to act in empowered ways. Work organizations have the responsibility to remove barriers that limit the ability of staff
Heathfield, Susan M. Employee involvement creates work environments where people have an impact on decisions and actions that affect their jobs. Employee involvement is a management and leadership philosophy about how people are most enabled to contribute
Platz, Brian. New Employee Orientation Process: Keys to getting new team members on-track, up-to-speed and on-board - so they can start contributing to the firm's success asap.
Heathfield, Susan M. A traditional approach to developing employees is identifying weaknesses - often during an annual performance appraisal meeting. The employee is then sent to training or just told to "get better" at that area. If that area is critical
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