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Matthews, Steve. Taglines as branding devices have been a subject of interest for some time now. Taglines follow a variety of formats and styles; repetitive pairs, patterns, puns and wordplay figure prominently - with the goal of describing a firm’s phi
Meyerowitz, Steven A. 12 Tips for New Marketers. Pointers for a new law firm marketer's success.
Kraft, Robert A. A Blueprint for Marketing with Staff. The author routinely reminds employees that they are all in marketing. The firm's in-house marketing efforts focus more on keeping existing clients satisfied and receiving word-of-mouth referrals t
The Marcus Letter. A Fixed Position in a Moving World: Positioning As A Metaphor. There is a distinct difference between a position and a mission. The marketing program may be as elaborate or simple as budget and marketing objectives will allow, but i
Berardi, Jeff. The Chief Marketing Officer of K&L Gates LLP explains its commitment to growth, even during uncertain economic times, and the firm's marketing goals and responsibilities.
The Marcus Letter. A New Era in Competing for Clients: Meeting The Needs Of The New Century. Promotion, in professional firm marketing, is simply a knowledge management tool, used to distinguish one firm from its competitors, to impart the firm’s skill
The Marcus Letter. A New Web Site Calls In Facts And Ideas From All Sources. Created by an attorney with a background of business practice, JDSupra is a wide open site that encourages lawyers to report distinctive experience in ways that are useful to o
Mariam, Tom. Curtis demonstrated over the past year that law firms can use social media to reach a goal of raising overall visibility and demonstrate expertise in particular niche areas. The best part is that it came at virtually no additional expense in
Bodine, Larry. Nearly a quarter of households (up 38% year-over-year) have smartphones (mobile phones with advanced operating systems), making it easier for consumers to “place shift” and view the Internet wherever they are .... This is important news fo
Krufka, Marci M. and Virginia Grant. Promoting products and services in today's global marketplace is much different today than it was 30 years ago, as it also is for marketing legal services. Moreover, the lawyers doing the marketing are very different
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