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Developing Firm Training Programs

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Charney, Cy and Kathy Conway. TOOL: Calculate the Cost and Benefits of Training. A useful tool in determining costs and savings is to compare costs per participant versus savings per participant. A four-step process for measuring the savings that trai
Kranz, Garry. Gathering comprehensive data on competencies and skills gaps, the company will use that data to design training that lifts employee performance. Training resources will connect the dots between learning, career growth and financial results.
Bodimer, Jeffrey. Quality employee training programs are essential to keeping staff motivated about learning new concepts and departments profitable. Learn essential components of quality employee training programs.
Heathfield, Susan M. Results, measurement, ROI, testing, behavioral change, performance improvement, expectations, accountability and learning applied on-the-job are today's language of education, employee training and performance development.
Griffith, Kelly. Fredrikson & Byron's FredKnows Training Program Creates Industry Expertise. Fredrikson & Byron's Client Service Committee and Marketing Department developed FredKnows to improve client service by educating firm personnel at all
Zachary, Lois J., Ed.D. Group Mentoring is efficient, promotes diversity and has many approaches, such as facilitated, peer and team. Recognize opportunities and learn strategies.
Heathfield, Susan M. A training needs assessment, that works best in small to mid-sized organizations, provides a quick assessment of the training needs of an employee group and helps find common training programs.
Weber, Jill S. Initially conceived as a firm's “top 20 attorney program,” it provides additional business development support to 20 attorneys with the business development skills and potential to generate additional revenue. This article provides an ove
John P. Weil & Company, Law Practice Management Page. The vast majority of law firms simply do not have effective leaders who are in charge of managing the firm. Almost anyone can be trained to become an effective leader and manager of people. Firm...
Carlson, Cindy. The author discusses and demonstrates how to give training handouts visual interest to match content and to help communicate the information.
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