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New Employee Orientation Programs

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Platz, Brian. New Employee Orientation Process: Keys to getting new team members on-track, up-to-speed and on-board - so they can start contributing to the firm's success asap.
Brown, Judith. Purposes of and suggestions for new employee orientation.
Bodimer, Jeffrey. Quality employee training programs are essential to keeping staff motivated about learning new concepts and departments profitable. Learn essential components of quality employee training programs.
Kaufman, Ron. Discusses key elements needed for a successful new employee orientation program, to be sure that it is thoughtfully designed, carefully delivered, and continuously upgraded and improved.
O'Toole, Barbara. Many new hires question their decision to change companies by the end of their first day. Their anxieties are fueled by mistakes that companies often make during that first-day new employee orientation program. How to take first-day...
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