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Budgeting & Managing the IT Function

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Martin, Kinsley. What methods are available to law firms to measure, and more importantly, recover the cost of their investment in knowledge management? How can the firm, and its clients, feel comfortable that the costs of the technology are justified...
10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Consultants
McNamara, Carter. Can be applied to both non-profit and for profit businesses.
Kennedy, Dennis. Open Source refers not only to software programs and the unique licenses that govern them, but also to a philosophy and what some might call a movement. The ten tips in this article will help you get your Open Source house in order...
Foster, Debbie. A technology audit is about what you have now, what you actually use, what works, what does not work and helping you decipher where you want to be in a year, three years, even five years. This article shows you what's involved in a technol
International Legal Technology Association. Business Intelligence the leveraging of skills, technologies, applications and practices used to help you acquire a better understanding of its commercial context can provide historical, current, and predict
Dubie, Denise. Business Services Management (BSM) tools are aimed at helping network executives prioritize IT projects and address their fixes based on policies that align IT with business goals, processes and services. With their management products...
International Legal Technology Association. Security vulnerabilities and breaches are proliferating; misdeeds make the headlines daily. Law firms have a particular interest in securing systems and data, as their information stores include internal data, i
International Legal Technology Association. The tie between law firm finance and IT departments is getting stronger; more technology tools are available to make back-end processes work more accurately and efficiently. Read this white paper for information
Gittlen, Sandra. Getting members of your executive team to buy in to a project is one of the most difficult challenges IT managers face. You can think a project is foolproof and absolutely necessary, only to have it shot down within seconds of your...
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