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Heathfield, Susan M. Not all workplaces are candidates for electronic surveillance of employees at work. In fact, depending upon the culture and environment, electronic surveillance of employees would injure trust and relationships, and send powerfully...
Jones, Richard. The IT department must be involved in the employee termination process because of access to the company network, proprietary corporate data and more. See how to utilize IT in termination.
Perey, Christine and Travis Berkley. Instant messaging has established a foothold in corporations. It's easier and faster to check an IM client to see if someone is online and shoot off a quick question than to send an e-mail and wait for a response....
Poll, Edward. Because of recent awards against law firms for harassment, wrongful termination of employment, and other such torts where discovery of Internet activity has been used as evidence, many firms are now at least discussing having an Internet...
Strother, Jay D. No ethics opinion can completely cover the changing landscape of websites, social media and other forms of electronic communication, but you can create guidelines to help avoid ethical problems and limit exposure to risk.
Tarr, Brett. This article discusses the ways in which data that rightfully belong to an employer are taken outside the firm, and offers some solutions to help reduce the risk of losing proprietary data as a result of employee departures.
McClellan, Susan. Administrators must understand the ethical implications of metadata and the importance of establishing a relevant firm policy for dealing with its challenges.
Musil, Christine. PDF is a useful format for file sharing, but it is occasionally misused or blindly trusted as secure. This article discusses several pitfalls and their remedies.
Reach, Catherine Sanders. Are your online accounts hacker-proof? Both your personal account and any accounts held by your firm need to be protected from security breaches. Read these tips to minimize security weaknesses in your account's password recovery
Heathfield, Susan M. Sample e-mail and Internet policies - not to be construed as legal advice.
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