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Nutter, Ron. This very brief article on virus prevention provides links to additional information, such as a virus/worm research center, virus and patch alert newsletter, related articles and vendor sites.
Heathfield, Susan M. Sample policy re cell phones in the workplace - not to be construed as legal advice.
International Legal Technology Association. Security vulnerabilities and breaches are proliferating; misdeeds make the headlines daily. Law firms have a particular interest in securing systems and data, as their information stores include internal data, i
Burney, Brett. Physical security for your laptop should never be lost among the constant concerns of spyware and viruses. The strongest firewall in the world won't stop a common thief from simply walking off with your laptop computer. This article...
Post, Larry. Assessing your firm's data security policies and practices and making appropriate changes will ensure your firm's short- and long-term stability.
International Legal Technology Association. No law firm is safe from business disruptions or disasters. Sooner or later, an event will happen beyond our control that slows down or halts the wheels of business. Data loss is inevitable, and leads to loss of
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