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Local Area Networks (LANs)

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Gaskin, James E .For small businesses and others who want Internet access redundancy and improved speed, companies are producing dual-WAN routers for combining two broadband connections on your network. This article provides test results of 5 dual-WAN...
Hochmuth, Phil, and Tim Greene. This article offers eight tips for squeezing bandwidth out of, and adding new speed-enhancing technologies to, the firm's LAN and WAN. Links to related articles are included.
The paper explains the difference between different LAN protocols, how to understand the different methods used to deal with media contention, and different LAN topologies.
The paper defines WAN terminology, discusses the different types of WAN connections, and explains the different type of WAN equipment.
Cox, John. A host of new management products are giving network executives tools to control the most elusive element of wireless LANs: the radio waves that actually connect clients to access points. Most are being touted as security products because...
Gast, Matthew. The article discusses seven of the most pressing wireless LAN security problems, and potential designs that can mitigate the risk associated with each of them.
This site provides links to White Papers on Local Area Networks.
Geier, Jim. This report describes current trends and best practices for deploying wireless LANs. Special emphasis is given to leading applications, wireless standard tradeoffs, options for wireless infrastructures and security mechanisms.;9637464;9710471;t?
Provides excellent information on wireless technology for law firms.
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