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James, Austin. Technology professionals must work with their firms' administrators to recommend smartphone policies that make sense for the organization, minimizing the potential for security breaches but also enabling lawyers to work remotely.
Sheridan, Mary Kate. The iPad can be a great business tool, but law firms need to think carefully about implementing them. In making a determination, firms should consider the iPad's utility and benefits in legal practice as well as the potential risks.
International Legal Technology Association. Emerging technologies can accommodate the demands of lawyers who need to work from anywhere, at any time, but there can be hurdles to seamlessly integrating smartphones and similar devices with your network. Thi
Kelly, Matt. Article provides a brief overview of recent innovations in cell phone technology.
Pinnington, Dan. Wireless is just so cool, but it is also a security nightmare. Do you know how to address the dangers of wireless by enabling the security features on your router? Time to learn how.
International Legal Technology Association. Unified communications is about improving productivity and accelerating business processes. The real value is in changing the way people communicate. It takes proper planning and attention to detail to achieve t
Hayes, Ian S. This article provides a quick primer on wireless technology, focusing on what the IT organization needs to get started.
International Legal Technology Association. VoIP, digital dictation, and monitoring and acceleration tools are rapidly moving into the pipeline once reserved for data alone. This white paper offers insights and suggestions for helping to keep this abundan
Workforce Management. Widespread adoption of wireless fidelity in the workplace seems inevitable; analysts say that the technology makes too good a business case in a mobile society for organizations to ignore. Workforce managers will have to deal...
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