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Rebranding News


The Board unanimously agreed to withdraw the proposal of “LawVantage”
as the new name of our organization, at this time.

November 19, 2015


As our last rebrand communication outlined, we are providing more in-depth rebrand survey results. Click through the following link to review the aggregated results. In most cases, we have been able to provide a graph representation as well as the corresponding data table.

ALA Rebrand Survey Data 

As a Board, we are conducting bi-weekly conference calls in preparation for our January planning meeting, specifically discussing next steps for our continued work on the rebrand initiative. We are confident that sharing this information is a good step in connecting membership with the data and analytics that we have been working with while leading the rebrand process.

Our vision, and the vision of Boards before us, is to solidify our position as the undisputed leaders in the business of law today and in to the future. We look forward to your continued collaboration and support as we work to advance this vision and our Strategic Plan.

Your 2015-2016 Board of Directors




November 16, 2015

A new Rebrand Initiative discussion forum has been created in the Online Communities. Log in to continue the conversation about this ongoing initiative, and let your voice be heard.




November 10, 2015


The ALA Board of Directors met November 5-7, and we spent a significant amount of time discussing the rebrand initiative. Our goal for this meeting was to assess how the proposal aligned with the survey results and other feedback received through many different channels. Today we are sharing a summary of our decisions on this initiative. In the near future, we will provide more in-depth survey results and other information related to the initiative, as well as next steps the Board is planning for this work.

The Board unanimously agreed to withdraw the proposal of “LawVantage” as the new name of our organization, at this time.

Since the proposal was presented on July 24, 2015, we have heard from you through:

  • 56 Chapter visits with ALA Board, Regional Representatives, and ALA Executives
  • 268 unique posts made via the General Discussion forum of the Member Online Communities, with over 6,000 views of those posts
  • Five town hall forums with over 600 members at our Business of Law and Specialty Conferences
  • 2,890 members (31% of our membership) completing the online Rebrand Member Survey

The survey responses showed:

  • 53% of the respondents favor or are neutral regarding a name change,
  • 2,359 respondents (82%) are moderately or very opposed to the name LawVantage, and
  • 1,518 respondents (53%) oppose or are very opposed to the tagline, “Your business of law society.”

In 2013, ALA embarked on an ambitious strategic plan to be known as the leader in the business of law. The Board is charged with making decisions and leading initiatives to execute this plan. An important component of that plan is determining how best to present a brand that embodies our current membership, yet appeals to future members in order to sustain our organization. Many prior boards have recognized the issues posed by the organization’s name and worked to resolve it. We owe it to those leaders and to future boards to continue work toward a solution. With this in mind, we are committed to the following next steps:

  1. In the next 10-15 days, aggregated rebrand member survey results will be delivered to the membership, along with budgeted and incurred expenses for rebranding efforts over the last several years.
  2. Following the Board’s January meeting, an updated action plan on how the Board intends to address the rebrand initiative will be delivered to you.

We are grateful to you for your membership, loyalty and insights. We look forward to continuing these conversations for the health and sustainability of our beloved organization. Working together, with great passion and mutual respect, we are confident that we can achieve our vision of being the undisputed leaders in the business of law.

Your 2015-2016 Board of Directors

  Teresa J. Walker
ALA President
  Karen Glowacki
Region 1 Director
  James Cornell, III
Region 4 Director
  Katie Bryant, CLM
At-Large Director
  Laura J. Broomell, CLM
  Gary T. Swisher, II, CLM
Region 2 Director
  April Campbell, JD
Region 5 Director
  Mark Bridgeman, CLM, CRM
At-Large Director
  Paula K. Barnes
Past President
  Julie S. Logan, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Region 3 Director
  Linda E. Quindt, CLM  
Region 6 Director
  Debra Lynn Elsbury, CLM
At-Large Director
              Oliver P. Yandle, JD, CAE
Association Executive Director




October 26, 2015


2,890 members completed the Rebranding Initiative Member Survey! The Board will discuss the survey results and Rebrand Initiative strategic plan at its next meeting, November 5–7.

Since early 2000, the issue of changing the name of the association has been an ongoing strategic discussion across leadership, members and staff. Given the association’s strategic plan and vision, the changes to membership eligibility over several years, and the need to speak to new audiences in a more engaging way, our Board feels, as preceding Boards before them have, that it is imperative that our name better represent the value of your leadership and contributions to your organizations’ success.

The recording of the Board's presentation of the LawVantage recommendation is broken out in easy to navigate chapters. Find information on specific topics in just a click.




October 13, 2015


On October 13, all members were sent an ALA email with a link to a brief Rebrand Initiative survey. The survey will be open for ten days, until 11:45 p.m. CT on October 23.

Haven't received it? Please check your "Junk" or "Spam" folders. If you need help accessing the survey, please contact

Throughout the Rebrand Initiative process, the Board has worked to provide sufficient time for members to discuss the recommendation and ask questions. Thank you for your engagement!

The official Board vote to approve the amending of the bylaws is the step that results in ballots being distributed to Chapter Presidents, and to date that vote has not taken place. If the Board votes to approve amending the Bylaws for the proposed name change, an amendment will be submitted to the Chapter Presidents for their vote, in order to fulfill the Association Bylaw voting requirements needed to effect a bylaws amendment.

Before those official governance steps are taken, the ALA Board wants to continue the Rebranding conversation by obtaining additional member feedback on the proposed name change to LawVantage. Please participate in the Rebrand Initiative Survey!




October 5, 2015


Throughout the coming weeks, if you have questions or would like more information on the rebrand initiative, contact us at Ballots for the bylaw amendment to change the name of the international organization are slated to be distributed to chapter presidents. The voting period is scheduled to end on January 12, 2016.

Rebrand Research Summary 




We are an organization of legal management professionals who drive and impact the business of law.


“A position giving a strategic advantage, commanding perspective, or comprehensive view” … exactly what our members bring to the table in legal management every day.



We are a member-focused organization at heart, and always will be.


The business we are in and the focus of the work our members perform.


The essence of community, networking and unity … the key features of your organization.


What members are saying:*

* Looking for more Rebrand viewpoints (opposing & supporting)? Join the conversation in the ALA Online Community General Discussions

“I'm proud to be a member of this organization no matter what it's called.”
       David Kristy, CLM, Knoxville Chapter, ALA member since 1998 Read More

“I like the new name and tagline, I like that we have reconsidered membership requirements, but mostly I am glad we are being forward thinkers.”
       Robin Weis, Nebraska Chapter, ALA member since 2011 Read More

“Do I feel that my role in, my involvement with, and my commitment to ALA (or LawVantage) will change because of the rebrand? No!”
       Suzanne Lawler, Golden Gate Chapter, ALA member since 2006 Read More

“This is so awesome, guys! I love the logo and the message!! Thank you all so very much for the HUGE amount of work that went into this!!!”
       Susan Bailey, Greater Phoenix-Valley of the Sun Chapter, ALA member since 2008 Read More

“I will be positive in my advocacy of this change.”
       Stephen G. Blackwell, Gateway Chapter, ALA member since 1981 Read More

“Teresa Walker, the Board and the staff clearly have put a significant amount of time, thought and energy into the branding campaign.”
       Nolan Kurtz, Independent Member from Region 1, ALA member since 2007 Read More

“I do believe that change is necessary, and given the hurdles currently faced by our association, I think we need big, bold changes instead of small, incremental ones.”
       Maria Mason, CLM, Hawaii Chapter, ALA Member since 2004 Read More



July 24, 2015

Thank you to all members who attended and tuned in to the July 24 recommendation of our new brand name. Your investment in our organization is critical to continued success and recognition as the guru in the legal industry.

Now more than ever, our name and brand can represent you as you truly are: executives and professionals within the legal management industry. The name LawVantage, and tag line "Your Business of Law Society", come from our strategic plan and the ongoing effort to reposition the organization, elevate our relevance and exemplify our value to members and the broader legal community. Our brand recommendation reflects the complicated roles that our members have in their law offices, and the modern solutions we strive to provide.

What does "LawVantage" mean?

  • "Law" reflects that we are an organization of legal professionals, encompassing legal management professionals, lawyers, consultants and other service providers who drive and impact the business of law.
  • "Vantage" suggests the many advantages that the organization provides to our members, their organizations and the industry as a whole.
  • "Vantage" also reflects the unique vantage point our members have across the firm or law department to leverage assets to improve performance and efficiency, increase profitability, and enhance client service.
  • In the tag line, "Your" personalizes the organization and builds a connection between the member and the organization. It also draws attention to the direct value the organization provides to you as a legal professional.
  • "Business of Law" is the business we are in and communicates the nature of the work our members do.
  • "Society" captures the essence of community and networking that are key features of the organizations. It also conveys a sense of professionalism and intellectual heft, reflecting the significance of your role in your legal organizations.

We are grateful to you for your membership, loyalty and insights. We look forward to continuing to serve you for years to come.




July 13, 2015



Join our Board on Friday, July 24, 12:00-1:15 PM EDT (11:00-12:15 PM CDT) and be a part of the historic recommendation of our new brand name!

Stream live the 2015 Chapter Leadership Institute (CLI) General Session as association leaders share the history, research and strategic process that went into the development of this bold and fresh new direction. The webcast is available to our entire membership and will include a Q & A period at the end.


Friday, July 24, 12:00-1:15 PM EDT (11:00-12:15 PM CDT)

To join the webinar:

Rebranding our association signals that we have evolved, that we are unique and will prompt curiosity and interest in the organization. Our name will aid in the thinking that there is an advantage to be gained when you are a member.




June 29, 2015


Throughout the branding initiative, input and insight from ALA membership has been critically important. Over the course of the past 16 months, 12 comprehensive brand assessments have been conducted with key ALA board members and ALA volunteer stakeholders. Additionally, ALA gathered information through interviews with 27 key members and 675 members in a quantitative survey.

From this research, a significant and consistent theme emerged: the legal industry has changed … a lot. The business our members navigate on a daily basis has become more specialized in its needs and requires sophisticated solutions.

Our association must cater to the evolved legal industry, and our name reflect the value we see in our members: executives, professionals, people with a seat at the table. The goal of ALA’s rebranding initiative is to deliver a true advantage to you.




June 15, 2015


The Association of Legal Administrators was created to nurture a new profession, and to help members stay ahead of developments and trends in legal management.  ALA’s advantageous position as the leading authority in the business of law has been established since the association’s inception in 1971, and a lot has changed in the past 44 years. 

Since early 2000, the issue of changing the name of the association has been an ongoing strategic discussion across leadership, members and staff. Given the association’s strategic plan and vision, the changes to membership eligibility over several years, and the need to speak to new audiences in a more engaging way, our Board feels, as preceding Boards before them have, that it is imperative that our name better represent the value of your leadership and contributions to your organizations’ success.

Hear how our own history is telling us a new name is absolutely necessary.




June 1, 2015

Oliver Yandle, JD, CAE

Oliver Yandle, JD, CAE

At the ALA 2015 Annual Conference & Expo, Executive Director Oliver Yandle, JD, CAE, talked about the rebrand during the Association Lunch.

“To ensure that we maintain and build on our advantageous position within the legal industry and that our organization remains a thought leader, we have embarked on an important branding initiative to raise our voice and meet the fast-changing needs of the legal industry,” Yandle said. 

ALA’s goals for its rebranding are to:

  • Reach new members and stakeholders
  • Demonstrate and prove the value of our members’ leadership and contributions to their organizations’ success
  • Secure the future of the profession

The new brand will be fresh, modern, engaging, smart, forward-looking and progressive. We want you to share in the strategy, the journey ALA’s leadership has taken throughout the process, and the meaning behind the new brand. The new brand will be fully unveiled to the membership on July 24, at a live session at the Chapter Leadership Institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and via a live webcast.

“As a group, ALA is excited for this opportunity to bring the association to the next level, and to take a bold step for an organization that is not afraid to be bold,” Yandle said. “Our board, and many boards before it, have been working hard on the new brand. We’re excited about this new chapter for our organization, and we hope our membership will be, too.”

We began providing details in Nashville and will continue through the fall with short videos on our website, articles in Legal Management and BOLD Bites newsletter, webinars and town halls engaging with members and stakeholders. So, be sure to come back and be part of this bold initiative!




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