Regional Nominating Committee

Description: The Regional Nominating Committee (RNC) is responsible for selecting individuals to fill Regional Representative positions that will be open in the coming year. The RNC will also identify alternate candidates who could serve in these positions if a selected individual withdraws or if a vacancy occurs during the term of office.

Committee Size: Up to twelve — One representative from each Region, the three currently seated At-Large Directors from the ALA Board of Directors and up to three At-Large Representatives.

Term: 1 year, with the exception of the At-Large Directors

Appointments per year: One per region and up to three At-Large Representatives

In-Person Meetings/Expectations: One per year in November (usually held over a weekend; however, it may require travel during the work week). RNC members are expected to perform extensive due diligence research on candidates, participate in one or more conference calls, and attend a formal meeting to provide oral due diligence reports.

Eligibility: Members of the RNC may not, themselves, be considered candidates for Regional Representative during their term on the committee.

Call for volunteers: Spring

Selections made: Summer

ALA Headquarters Liaison: Nicole Larson