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Start here ... sign up is easy. To purchase a business partner listing in the directory, follow these easy steps:

1) Enter Your Account Information and Establish a User Name/Password
Provide your company and contact information as you'd like it to appear in your listing, as well as the administrative contact for your listing. You will also be asked to enter a user name and password that will allow you to modify your company's information and description, and to purchase additional categories in the future.

2) Enter Your Listing Information
This information will appear in your listing exactly as you enter it here. Please provide your company name, contact information, address, phone, Web site address, and company description. Please be as accurate as possible, as this information is what potential customers will use to contact you.

3) Select the Package Type
Select a "Basic" or "Digital Plus" Listing. Click here for more details about the packages.

4) Select a Category
Click on the drop down list to choose a category (or categories) that pertain to the type of business you conduct with the legal community. Select the "Add Another Category" link to continue to add additional categories.

5) Select Optional Enhanced Formatting to any of your Categories
Select the checkbox to enhance the format of any of your category ads.

6) Review Your Order & Confirm Your Categories
Review your order and confirm your categories.

6) Check Out/Payment Options
For your convenience, you can purchase your listing directly online using your credit card. You may also choose to print out your order form and send with payment by check. Please note that if you pay by check your listing will not be activated until payment is received by ALA. You will receive an e-mail notification when your listing is activated.


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