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Human Resources Track 

Presenter: Michael S. Cohen, JD

Michael S. Cohen, JD, is a Partner at Duane Morris’ Employment, Labor, Benefits and Immigration Practice Group LLP where he concentrates his practice in the areas of employment law training and counseling. A highly rated ALA speaker, he has trained and counseled employees throughout the country on employment subjects, including harassment prevention, diversity, discipline, hiring, firing, recruiting, performance evaluations and compliance.

Part 1: Embracing Diversity by Preventing Harassment

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Part 1 Description: Diversity must be more than just a goal.  Achieving and embracing the notions of diversity has become absolutely essential for the success of your firm. Your attorneys and staff expect it and your clients and potential clients demand it. One of the tenants of diversity is a workplace that is free from harassment and discrimination.  Firms promise a harassment-free environment; however, often times that commitment stops at the promise. Learn how to ensure that those assurances are more than just words by examining the attitudes and behaviors that can undermine your firm's commitments. With this video, you can ensure that diversity thrives.

Part 2: The Minefield of all Minefields — Wage and Hour Law in Law Firms

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Part 2 Description: The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), also known as the “wage and hour” law, is one of the most violated of the federal employment laws. It is expected that the FLSA will go through some massive changes, and this video will help prepare you for some of those possible changes by examining the top five mistakes law firm administrators and HR professionals make, ways to avoid these problems and prudent measures to take to correct past errors. Learn how to conduct a self-audit of internal practices to avoid U.S. Department of Labor investigations or collective action litigation and examine how the law impacts your existing policies and discuss additional handbook provisions that are required.

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