FM12  - Financial Management

Strategic IT: How to Leverage Leasing for Your Firm's Technology and Equipment Needs

Saturday, August 24, 2013, 8:45 AM - 10:00 AM

Leasing is a strategic financial option that firms can use to provide a monthly expense for their technology and equipment needs versus a total cost purchase. Leasing cuts the out of pocket costs for technology upgrades, ensures access to the most current IT tools, conserves cash reserves, keeps bank lines of credit open, eliminates higher maintenance costs for older equipment and frees staff from the burden of disposing outdated equipment. Join this session to discover ready-to-implement strategies to offset your firm's monthly expenses for its technology needs.


  • Examine concrete details on how to augment your firm's technology leases
  • Determine best practices for technology and equipment leasing
  • Identify industry pitfalls your firm needs to avoid

Audience: Attendees should have a working knowledge of technology leasing practices and financial management.

75 Minutes * CPE Field of Study: Management Advisory Services * Audience: I

Speaker: Scott McFetters, CoreTech Leasing, Inc.



CPE: Management Advisory Services