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(Unavailable) Compensation & Benefits Survey (2015)

Feb 14, 2018, 18:32 PM
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As law firm staffing becomes even more competitive, legal professionals need current market intelligence to attract top talent. ALA’s 2015 Compensation and Benefits Survey gives you the most relevant benchmark data, collected from legal organizations throughout the United States and Canada. This Survey, conducted in collaboration with iLumen, focuses on salaries for legal administrators, functional specialists, paralegals and legal secretaries for large firms, as well as offering useful information for other size firms.

The Survey features data breakouts for each management position by: type of organization, number of lawyers, geographic location, supervisory responsibility, experience, education, and state/province, including and excluding metropolitan areas. Reports may be generated for any region, from national, regional or by market, often down to a specific zip code.

Member participant: $269
Member nonparticipant: $369

Nonmember participant: $519
Nonmember nonparticipant: $719

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