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Diversity is being invited to the party.  Inclusion is being asked to dance.
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The ALA Diversity Initiative aims to increase awareness of and sensitivity to the differences among our workforce and to advance the concept of inclusiveness and acceptance.  ALA’s goal is to increase diversity and inclusion in the Association, in the legal management community and in all legal service organizations. To that end, the mission of the ALA Diversity and Inclusion Committee is to provide each ALA member with the tools and resources required to be a leader in meeting ALA’s goal. The educational programming, publications, speakers, monthly tips and the new Diversity and Inclusion Scorecard — Road Map to Change for Law Firms and Chapters — are all cataloged here.  First, begin by reading this inspirational overview from the Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair which explains how we are here to help each member manage the many changes occurring throughout the legal profession.



Diversity and Inclusion Brochure Are you just beginning, trying to gather ideas and make a business case for Diversity? 

Why Diversity? The Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion Brochure

Advancing diversity and inclusion in your organization is more than the right thing to do: it's critical to the success of your business.

This new brochure cites facts and studies that demonstrate why your company can't afford not to consider The Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion.

For more information and to request printed copies, email


Is your firm or Chapter ready to start or recharge a diversity initiative? 

Measuring the Impact of ALA Chapters and Workplaces on Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession

The ALA Committee on Diversity and Inclusion developed the ALA Diversity and Inclusion Scorecard – Roadmap to Change as a means to understand and to recognize success in workplace diversity and inclusion. Read More


Are you looking for speakers for your upcoming firm or Chapter meeting?

Consult the ALA Diversity & Inclusion Speaker List, and if your Chapter hasn’t yet done so, submit your request for a member of the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion to visit your Chapter and present the highly acclaimed, Diversity & Inclusion: 60 Tips in 75 Minutes. To learn more, please email


Are you thinking about developing or enhancing a current Mentoring program?

Mentoring is a powerful tool for developing and retaining top talent within your organization, but without a formal program in place, the benefits of mentoring can be diminished for attorneys of color and other disadvantaged groups that may find themselves outside of a firm's most influential informal networks.

To address this opportunity, the ALA Committee on Diversity and Inclusion embarked on a two-year project to create a comprehensive guide for legal administrators to construct and improve mentoring programs. The ALA Guide to Cross-Functional Mentoring provides a roadmap to create a mentoring culture within your firm that can accelerate professional learning and development, as well as attract and retain capable, confident and committed attorneys and staff.

The Guide comes complete with tips for creating your business case, launching the first conversations and goal-setting for your program. Along the way, job aids, checklists and meeting worksheets are included to provide support for your efforts. We hope you find the Guide helpful. Please feel free to send comments and suggestions for future editions to Download the Guide


Are you looking for tips to increase awareness of diversity in your firm or Chapter, web resources, news, “must read reports” or archives?

Consult the Resources page to find links to other organizations that can help you advance your objectives around diversity and inclusion, research studies, statistics, podcasts, and more.


Would you like to continue the discussion?

Visit the ALA Member Online Communities’ Diversity Issues Discussion Group to chat with like-minded peers who are interested in working to advance diversity and inclusion in legal environments.


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