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Applying for the Exam

Where to fulfill the Education Requirements

Your Education Requirements can be fulfilled with a combination of live programs and a limited amount of interactive self-study as described below.

Live Programs
You may fulfill your educational requirements with courses from:

  • An accredited college or university (15 contact hours per semester credit hour or 12 hours per quarter credit hour);
  • Workshops, courses, seminars, ALA webinars (or any other webinars that offer live instruction) and conference programs offered by ALA or its Chapters;
  • The American Bar Association, state and local bar associations, law-related associations and other professional associations and organizations;
  • American Institute for Certified Public Accountants and state CPA associations;
  • International Facilities Management Association;
  • Society for Human Resource Management;
  • American Management Association; and
  • Other nationally recognized professional education providers

Each 60 minutes of educational instruction can include no more than 10 minutes of introductory remarks, breaks or other non-instructional activity.  Activites NOT eligible for credit: Meal functions, social activities, business meetings (chapter or other), round table discussions, idea exchanges, or vendor or consultant presentations intended to sell a product or service, or intended for any purpose other than educational instruction.

Self-Study Programs
A maximum of 4 hours can be obtained through interactive technology-based self-study programs. An additional 6 hours of self-study can be obtained by Functional Specialists towards fulfilling the additional 15 hours of education required.

Candidates must submit a certificate of successful completion and course description from the provider of the program. Many of today’s online programs are interactive, and some are even free. Check out the Online Learning Courses in our Learning on Demand area.


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