Management Categories
  1. Writing Skills (e.g., writing memos, writing styles, policy manuals, proposals, job descriptions, grammar skills, etc.)
  2. Communication Skills (e.g., oral presentations to staff and lawyers, interpersonal relations, interactions with clients and vendors, performance counseling, client contacts, etc.)
  3. Self-management Skills (e.g., stress management, time management, anger management, self-motivation, coaching skills, project management, mediation skills, etc.)
  4. Information Technology (e.g., features and capabilities of computer and network hardware and software Systems, including general purpose packages like spread sheets, database programs and word processing applications, as well as specialized software systems supporting practice management, including financial analysis and management; training in the use of computer systems like word processing and accessing informational databases, etc.)
  5. Organizational Development (e.g., leadership styles and techniques, team development and management principles, organizational development techniques such as change management, negotiation and conflict management techniques, etc.)