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2014 IDEA Award Recipients

As the undisputed leader of the business of law, ALA members and Chapters are encouraged to strive for excellence. ALA IDEA Awards are presented to ALA chapters, committees, regions, individuals, firms, or organizations (including business partners) that create unique and innovative programs, services, and events that improve our ALA chapters and/or legal communities. ALA IDEA Awards recognize new practices that deliver great value and transformational impact through innovative achievement.

ALA Regions 1 & 3 Conference Planning Team: "Transgender Insights & Perspectives"

The team convened a panel of transgendered legal professionals to address conference attendees in October 2013. Through a candid and honest dialogue, this project helped raise awareness of the unique challenges faced by members of the transgender community.

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ALA Indiana Chapter: "L.I.F.E. Beyond Shortridge"

Life is all about looking ahead to new opportunities. But members of the Indiana Chapter did more than look — they took action. The L.I.F.E. (Leaders in Firms Emerging) project partnered with an inner-city school (Shortridge) to help its students discover new careers in law.

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ALA Greater Los Angeles Chapter: "Professional Legal Management Global Summit — Brazil and Beyond"

ALA members spoke before a Brazilian national conference on the United States' legal management best practices. This single event is shaping the future of Brazil's judicial process while broadening ALA's global reach.

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ALA New York City Chapter: "Foot in the Door"

The Business Partner Advisory Council of the New York City Chapter had a problem: How could it get a foot in the door with members? The creative solution involved chocolate and incentives that hit the sweet spot with everyone!

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Farella Braun + Martel LLP: "Growing the Community — Growing Diversity in the Legal Profession"

By developing two groundbreaking programs, The Diversity Pipeline Internship Program and The Law and Justice Credit Recovery Program, this law firm is helping more students graduate, go to college and explore new career options.

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