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Color Blind
In this powerful follow-up to Between Barack and a Hard Place, world-renowned writer, speaker and educator, Tim Wise, argues against “colorblindness” and for a deeper color-consciousness in both public and private practice. We can only begin to move toward authentic social and economic equity through what Wise calls "illuminated individualism"—acknowledging the diverse identities that have shaped our perceptions, and the role that race continues to play in the maintenance of disparities between whites and people of color in the United States today. This is the first book to discuss the pitfalls of “colorblindness” in the Obama era.
Member: $17.00
Nonmember: $22.00

Fundamentals of Law Firm Management
This insightful book is for law firm leaders who want to know how to improve the quality of their practices, and provide effective and efficient service to clients at a reasonable cost.

Through detailed case study examples, the author provides analysis on the many complex issues in today’s legal market, such as:

  • Establishing firm strategy
  • How to manage lawyers and staff
  • Partner compensation
  • Information technology
  • Business Development, and much more!
Author: John M. Westcott, Jr.
Member: $47.95
Nonmember: $52.95

Law Firm Human Resources
This is an authoritative, insider’s perspective on the best practices for successful law firm human resources and recruiting strategies.

It includes the many responsibilities of the HR executive - including benefits administration, compensation, recruiting and training - and what makes these responsibilities unique in the law firm setting. Packed with practical and actionable information that can be applied to most legal industry HR issues, it includes:

  • Recruiting and developing talent
  • Creating competitive compensation packages
  • Problem-solving, compromise, negotiation and mediation strategies
  • And more!
Author: Christine Lynn Stangl, Kelly T Neiman, B.J. Shelton, Margaret M. Luberda & Debra A. Jerome.
Member: $59.95
Nonmember: $64.95

Legal Management Magazine Subscription
A 12-month subscription to Legal Management provides fingertip access to greater productivity and profitability, as well as the attention of industry leaders who make buying decisions to achieve it. With ALA’s Legal Management fully interactive digital magazine, access the most in-demand, cutting-edge content for the business of law. Every month, gain essential information on profitability drivers, proven efficiency models, industry trends, marketing and strategic planning, staff engagement tactics and much more. 12 issues. Digital format.
Nonmember: $395.00

Paperless in One Hour for Lawyers
The legal community is notorious for generating paper--and lots of it. But lawyers can save time and money by transitioning to a paperless office. Paperless in One Hour for Lawyers will show even the most committed paper devotees how to run their law offices digitally.

In just one hour, you will learn to:

  • Get your colleagues and staff on board
  • Analyze your current paper workflow and set new goals
  • Assess your hardware, software, and app needs
  • Become a PDF expert
  • Develop or acquire a document management system
  • Make cloud-based storage work for you
  • Work on-the-go with mobile technology
  • Set up a virtual law office or client portal
  • Understand the ethics considerations of a paperless practice
  • And much more!
Member: $39.95
Nonmember: $49.95

The Chief Operating Officer: Managing A Law Firm in Challenging Times
An exploration of the many varied responsibilities and challenges of the COO role, this book examines the nuanced, subtle combination of leadership, management, guidance and wisdom that enables the COO’s firm to achieve excellence in client service and an enduring, powerful brand.

Among the responsibilities and challenges discussed, it includes:

  • The evolution of the legal industry and the impact on the COO role
  • Managing the cross-generations
  • Understanding and managing generational influence
  • The relationship dynamic
  • Leadership traits and competencies
  • Partnership or corporation: which form will prevail?
Author: Arthur T. Gurwitz.
Member: $47.95
Nonmember: $52.95

The Next IQ
If you want to take your organization to the next level, you will need that next level of intelligence in order to think, learn and compete in the increasingly seamless global marketplace of the 21st century. This book is an essential addition to your library. With this accessible and innovative book you can make your business, firm, or organization more intelligent for the way the world works today---from leadership rooted in individual expertise to being formed by multiple and diverse perspectives. Find out more at
Member: $28.00
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