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200 Ways to Make Your Law Firm an Extraordinary Place to Work
Featured ALA Book ALA asked and you answered: What do you do to stand out as an employer? What makes your staff and attorneys want to come to work every day? Read about the events, activities, special recognitions and other best practices in place at some of your peers’ firms and discover ways to foster a culture of integrity, caring and camaraderie. From food fests to a “respectful workplace” policy, you’re sure to find something here that will help you make your firm an extraordinary place to work! Edited by Sue Umbdenstock and Rosemary Shiels 92 pages. Softcover.
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Nonmember: $19.95

Building on the Promise of Diversity: How We Can Move to the Next Level in Our Workplaces, Our Communities, and Our Society
Diversity is the reality in law firms today. Whether you let diversity be a drain on your firm or a dynamic contributor to your mission, vision, and strategy is both a choice and a challenge. Building on the Promise of Diversity gives you the insights and skills you need to navigate through simmering tensions – and find creative solutions for achieving cohesiveness, connectedness, and common goals. Author: R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr. 256 pages.
Member: $27.95
Nonmember: $32.00

Getting to Yes
Suggested CLM(SM) Reference Negotiation and compromise are two great tools to end conflict and reach consensus. Learn how to lead your firm through difficult discussions and achieve an environment that is supportive and efficient. Author: R. Fisher and W. Ury. 200 pages.
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Nonmember: $18.00

Learning from Law Firm Leaders
At its heart, leadership is best understood by what is observed: how leaders behave, think, and make decisions. The purpose of this book is to uncover the essential nature of leadership as it is lived by today's law firm leaders.

The authors interviewed thirty-one highly effective law firm leaders from firms of all sizes and types, speaking with emerging, current, and succeeding leaders to get as broad a view as possible. They talked with thirteen firm chair, nine managing partners, five committee chairs, three practice leaders, and one office managing partner with the goal of discovering the wonderful and burdensome aspects of life as a law firm leader. This new book illuminates how these professionals lead in the face of obstacles presented by a competitive legal marketplace and the nature of a law firm as an organization.

Learning from Law Firm Leaders imparts what these legal professionals learned from their experiences; and allow you to expand your own thinking on the topic of leadership. The book aims to crystallize views on a number of relevant aspects of leadership that have not been discussed in great depth in the current literature on leadership. You'll discover how the law firm environment is influencing both current and future leaders and what that may mean for the success of law firms in whatever type of marketplace they find themselves. You'll find information on the perceived leadership deficit as the Baby Boomer generation approaches retirement and how the next generation of leaders will be prepared to meet the challenges of changing markets and client demands.

This book is a must-buy for all law firm business strategists, management committees, chief strategy officers, chief executive officers, chief advertising officers, and law firm leaders at any stage in their leadership journey.
Member: $59.95
Nonmember: $79.95

The Lawyer's Guide to Professional Coaching
Learn why coaching has become so popular – and necessary. The Lawyer's Guide to Professional Coaching will teach you to find, select, and work productively with the right coach for your needs--and transform your practice in the process. Learn how to get the most out of coaching, decide whether coaching is right for you and your firm, and how to use coaching skills to become more efficient and profitable.

Become more efficient and profitable in your law practice by employing a professional coach. The Lawyer's Guide to Professional Coaching will help you:
  • Learn why coaching has become so popular--and necessary
  • How to hire a qualified coach
  • Understand how coaches differ from consultants, therapists, and trainers
  • Know what to expect from coaching conversations and engagements
  • Use a professional coach to improve your bottom line
  • Get the best return on your coaching investment
Member: $47.95
Nonmember: $79.95

Write Right: A Desktop Digest of Punctuation, Grammar, and Style, 4th Edition
This handy reference is the ideal resource for writers of all levels. In addition to covering the essentials of good writing in a concise and easy-to-follow format, it’s filled with clever drawings and amusing quotations to illustrate its points. Previous editions of this popular book sold over half a million copies. Includes a resource section with a list of helpful websites and a glossary to quickly define difficult terms. Author: Jan Venolia. 209 pages. Paperback.
Member: $10.95
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Your Business and Your Life: Strategies for Professionals
Packed with stories from the field, the author of this unusual business book is a legal administrator who skips the business jargon and relates his concepts to real-world situations. A must read for anyone looking for strategies on how to balance one’s life with one’s work, it covers four areas that many professionals struggle with daily: time and efficiency, burnout, people management and two (simple) truths about marketing. Author: Bill McCallister. 208 pages. Softcover.
Member: $9.95
Nonmember: $16.95


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