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Competency-Based Job/Needs Analysis

Job Tasks Performed

Required Knowledge or Competencies

Job Tasks Performed by Principal Legal Administrators

Description of Survey Results

View the full listing of the tasks that comprise the job of a principal legal administrator along with their rankings. The list reflects, but does not describe, any specific job. Instead, it contains components of every legal administrator's job. The results of the task analysis show that although legal administration jobs are often unique in some ways, the commonalities, in terms of responsibilities and competencies, are substantial.

The survey listed 103 task statements organized into six task categories (e.g., General Management, Human Resources). Administrators were asked to rate the importance of each task relative to other tasks on the following 4-point scale:

3 = More important than most other tasks
2 = About the same importance as most other tasks
1 = Less important than most other tasks
0 = Not applicable (this task is not part of my job)

This table shows the relative ranking of the six task categories. The ranking is based on two factors: the mean importance rating and the number of tasks in each category.

Task Category Rank Number of tasks Mean
Human Resources Management 1 23 1.85
General Management 2 22 1.70
Equipment, Facilities, and Office Services Management 3 17 1.64
Financial Management 4 17 1.61
Information Technology 5 11 1.33
Client Services and Marketing 6 13 .86

Rankings were very similar across different firm sizes. Specifically, the rankings were the same for all but the largest offices (75 or more attorneys). Even for large office, however, only the rank order for the top two categories differed, with General Management being ranked as the most important category, and Human Resources Management ranked as the second most important category.

However, when comparing the very small (1-14 attorneys) and very large offices (150 or more attorneys), the greatest differences are seen in the Financial Management and Information Technology categories, where these areas are of greater importance in smaller offices, while General Management tasks are of greater importance in larger offices.

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