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General Information

  1. How long has ALA been in existence?
  2. How many members does ALA have?
  3. Does ALA have a mission statement?
  4. What are ALA's official goals?

Education & Conferences

  1. What are the dates for future annual conferences?
  2. When will the ALA Annual Conference brochure be sent to members?
  3. Can nonmembers attend ALA conferences?
  4. Can I get continuing education credit for attending ALA Conferences and programs?
  5. I've prepaid the registration fees for a Conference. Can I get a refund if I have to cancel?
  6. Can I attend a conference outside my geographic region?
  7. Could you tell me about ALA's Webinars?

Member Services

  1. Where can I find my membership identification number?
  2. Do member benefits extend to my immediate family? To employees of my firm?
  3. Does ALA have any kind of placement service or job postings for administrators?
  4. What's the fastest way to receive materials ALA sells?


  1. Does ALA offer a certification program?
  2. Will ALA's certification be mandatory for membership?
  3. Can nonmembers become certified through ALA's certification program?


  1. What does a member receive for their membership dues?
  2. Does changing jobs affect my ALA membership?
  3. I just lost my job. Can I continue my membership?
  4. What happens if I no longer qualify for membership, yet my annual dues were recently paid?
  5. I am retiring. Can I continue my ALA membership?
  6. How often is Legal Management published?
  7. What is the employment profile of ALA members?
  8. What is an ALA chapter?
  9. Is membership transferable?
  10. Do you accept credit card payments for membership fees, products and services?
  11. Are membership dues deductible?
  12. Does ALA offer an Associate membership?
  13. Can a legal administrator belong to a local chapter without also being a member of the international Association?
  14. If I have left ALA or the profession in general, can I rejoin later?
  15. Can I join more than one chapter?
  16. For membership eligibility purposes, how does ALA define the terms business partner and consultant?
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