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2016-2017 ALA President, Laura J. Broomell, CLM

Welcome to the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA), your connection to legal management knowledge, resources and networking!

ALA serves more than 9,000 management professionals in their law firms, legal  departments, and other legal-related organizations worldwide.  As a dynamic, member-driven organization, ALA is committed to a high standard of excellence as we serve our members and others in the legal marketplace - wherever that person works or whatever the role he/she holds.

ALA is dedicated to providing world-class products, services, and resources to members throughout the legal profession.  ALA enriches members' professional development through collaborative educational opportunities, leadership development, and a diverse and inclusive, highly valued sense of community.

Our members rely upon the benefit of ALA membership now more than ever before.  In order to work at optimum performance levels and maximize the value we provide to our firms and legal-related organizations, it is necessary for our members to have access to relevant and timely information.  Browse our website to learn more about the Association's offerings, from its educational programs and award-winning publications, to its many other resources such as its career and diversity resources, and ALA's renowned Certified Legal Manager CLMSM program.

If you're not a member, why wait?  Join now and invest in yourself, your firm or legal-related organization, and your future.  You can learn more about ALA by visiting the member benefits section on the website. If you would like to contact me directly about ALA, please do not hesitate.  I welcome the opportunity to visit with you!


Laura J. Broomell, CLM
2016-2017 ALA President