Elevate ALA Award Recipients

Atlanta Chapter
When the board met for its annual retreat in March 2016, they set some very specific goals.

  • Elevate the level of education offered: Chapter members had the opportunity to attend a meeting a week, but it became evident that they were beginning to suffer from "meeting fatigue." The board responded by restructuring the educational program.
  • Increase member and business partner engagement: Surveys showed that members value networking as much as they do education, so the chapter held several events focused solely on networking and relationship building.

The chapter also issued a Game On challenge to all members in March 2016. This web-based member engagement tool awarded points to members for various activities, such as registering for and attending meetings, reading and commenting on articles, connecting with other members, and referring new members or business partners. Leader boards were announced at each chapter meeting, and cash prizes were awarded at the holiday luncheon for the members with the most points.

Greater Los Angeles Chapter
Geographically speaking, GLA spans over 150 miles. This can sometimes make attendance at popular meetings a challenge. The chapter's leadership recognized this while also understanding the value and importance of face-to-face networking opportunities. So now, these popular meetings occur in various regional "hubs" around Greater Los Angeles, and all hubs are connected by technology services such as video conferencing or conference calling.

The chapter also realized there were members who wanted to take the CLM exam but weren't always able to attend ALA events to get the necessary credits. The chapter made a concerted effort to apply for recertification credits and application credits for chapter course offerings.

Mobile Chapter
The chapter's education committee developed a Continuing Legal Education session to raise awareness of ALA in the legal community. Chapter members were encouraged to attend to help bolster the chapter and its membership in the eyes of attorneys and smaller firms that may have potential new members. Additionally, the chapter is committed to funding scholarships and encouraging members to take full advantage of the many opportunities offered by the chapter and the Association. 

The chapter encourages networking with nearby colleagues, including those in the New Orleans Chapter. Through this relationship, members of the Mobile Chapter were invited to participate in New Orleans's annual retreat. As an added benefit, the Mobile Chapter funded not only the fee to attend this event for its members but also associate dues for New Orleans Chapter membership.